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Switching agencies?

Discussion in 'Federal Agencies' started by JD02124, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. JD02124

    JD02124 Supporting Member

    Say someones federal law police well use a VA Police Officer. Could you switch over to any federal law enforcement agency?
  2. BxDetSgt

    BxDetSgt MassCops Member

    Sure it is just a simple form, and you are guaranteed to be next on list for FBI. I believe the form is the USDOJ-BS-69 form. Just ask your boss for it. Once he signs your in. I think there is another one for the CIA as well.
  3. JD02124

    JD02124 Supporting Member

    Not that form of federal law enforcement. I will look up this USDOJ-BS-69 forum you speak of right after you find me a left handed screw driver along with some chem light batteries, and a box of grid squares. Im talking in the areas of federal law enforcement such as. . .

    Amtrack police
    U.S Postal police
    V.A Police
    Federal reserve police
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    DHSFED MassCops Member

    It depends on the agency and what the training requirements are. If you have the FLETC uniformed police training program you may just need to attend the agency specific portion. I do not think VA police attended FLETC, I think they attend there own academy in Alabama or Arkansas. Either way you need to apply as a current federal employee
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  5. JD02124

    JD02124 Supporting Member

  6. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    You could always join the Fed police that guard the White House. think it's a stepping stone to Secret Service.

    Although lately they have done a bad job of keeping out intruders :cool::cool::cool:
  7. TacEntry

    TacEntry MassCops Member

    I'm no english major - but despite what agency you work with, you need to be able to articulate your thoughts, actions, etc in a clear manner.

    That being said- It can certainly help you to start at any agency in the retirement system - but it is never a shoe-in to get hired.

    All Fed LE agencies have fairly narrow scopes of authority - invariably tied to a certain property or area of enforcement.

    Just find some you like and go for it.
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  8. Irishpride

    Irishpride Subscribing Member

    Ok long and the short of it most 0083 (Police Officer) positions in the Fed will not help you gain a position as a 1811 Special Agent. There are some exceptions like BIA, BLM, Border Patrol...who employ 0083's & 1811's.
    IMHO best uniformed police job in the Fed is USPP.

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  9. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    From my research on this, I second that on the Parks Police. Full service PD, not like the SS UD that does extremely little.
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  10. JD02124

    JD02124 Supporting Member

    Thanks guys.
  11. Tango_Sierra

    Tango_Sierra MassCops Member

    Not sure about the Federal Reserve Police, I think they are a private type of police. I do not believe they are a federal agency. Correct me if I'm wrong?
  12. JD02124

    JD02124 Supporting Member

  13. DHSFED

    DHSFED MassCops Member

    Federal Reserve Police are private security, no FLETC training or federal benefits as far as I know. They do how ever get some great training from what I am told. The job itself is mostly checking locked doors and IDs when people sign in.
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