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Swansea man charged with rape, battery

Discussion in 'New England' started by kwflatbed, Feb 16, 2008.

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    Photo by Omar Bradley
    Anthony Flye is arraigned in Fall River District Court. Photo by Omar Bradley

    By Jay Pateakos
    Herald News Staff Reporter
    Fri Feb 15, 2008, 09:12 PM EST

    Fall River - A 38-year-old Swansea man was held on $500,000 bail late Friday on numerous counts of rape, incest and indecent assault and battery dating back nearly six years.
    Anthony Flye, 18 Rowley St., who also has a known residence at 9 Brinda Lane, Nantucket, was arrested by Massachusetts State Police and Nantucket Police Thursday night outside his home on a warrant obtained by the Swansea Police Department.
    Flye was charged with rape, rape of a child under 16 with force, incest, indecent assault and battery, indecent assault and battery on a disabled person over the age of 60 with injury, and indecent exposure.
    According to police, an investigation began about three weeks ago after they received word from a third party regarding Flye’s alleged activities, which involved a minor and an adult.
    “We can’t really investigate anything until a victim comes forward,” said Swansea’s investigating Officer Peter Robidoux, who was assisted by Swansea patrolman Joseph Martin, both of the Sex Crime Unit, and Bristol County’s Sex Crime Unit Officer Thomas Carroll.
    A week later, two victims came forward with allegations against Flye. One of the victims was 13 at the time the crimes began while the other was over the age of 60.
    Police said incidents took place in East Providence, R.I., Nantucket and Swansea.
    After being held overnight in Nantucket, Flye was transported to Fall River District Court Friday afternoon.
    During the proceeding, Judge Robert Welch said Flye did not qualify for a court-appointed lawyer and must seek out his own attorney.
    Assistant District Attorney Sylvia Rudman said Flye, who operates under six to seven aliases, has a lengthy record under at least two of the names — including numerous crimes in Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts — that date from his juvenile years to 2006.
    “He (was) known to have left the commonwealth after committing these crimes,” Rudman told the judge.
    Flye was held on $500,000 cash bail with an order to stay away from both victims, directly or indirectly.
    Flye’s next hearing was scheduled for Feb. 29.

  2. kwflatbed

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    Grand jury indicts accused rapist

    By Jay Pateakos
    GateHouse News Service
    Fri Feb 29, 2008, 07:55 PM EST

    Swansea - A Bristol County Grand Jury returned a number of new indictments Thursday against alleged rapist Anthony Flye of Swansea and Nantucket.
    The 38-year-old Swansea man is currently being held on $500,000 bail on numerous counts of rape, incest and indecent assault and battery dating back nearly six years.
    The new indictments include charges of rape, indecent assault and battery on a disabled person, assault and battery on a disabled person, rape of a child under the age of 16, enticing a child under the age of 16 and incest.
    Flye, of 18 Rowley St., who also has a known residence at 9 Brinda Lane, Nantucket, was arrested by Massachusetts State Police and Nantucket Police on Feb. 14 outside his home on a warrant obtained by the Swansea Police Department.
    Swansea’s investigating officers were patrolman Peter Robidoux and patrolman Joseph Martin, both of the Sex Crime Unit, and Bristol County’s Sex Crime Unit Officer Thomas Carroll.
    At Flye’s Feb. 15 arraignment, he was charged with aggravated rape, rape of a child under 16 with force, incest, indecent assault and battery, indecent assault and battery on a disabled person over the age of 60 with injury, and indecent exposure.
    Police said incidents took place in East Providence, R.I., Nantucket and Swansea.
    As bail conditions, Flye was ordered to stay away from both victims, directly or indirectly. But according to the Bristol County Sheriff’s Department, Flye has not posted bail and is still in jail.
    District Attorney’s spokesman Gregg Miliote said due to the new indictments, the case will move to the Superior Court level but no new arraignment date has been set.
    “We’re moving ahead on this,” said Miliote.

  3. 94c

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    Now there's a blast from the past.

    At the ripe old age of 18 he was driving a stolen car and in the span of an hour banged into 4 different vehicles with women drivers.

    When they pulled over he would snatch their purses.
  4. kwflatbed

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    Rape suspect escapes from New Bedford hospital


    Anthony Flye, 38, escaped from custody yesterday.

    Embodying every parent’s worst nightmare, a dangerous accused child rapist is on the loose after escaping from a New Bedford hospital where he was in police custody.
    Anthony Flye, 38, of Nantucket and Swansea, escaped from St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford yesterday, where he was taken after he injured himself during a court arraignment.
    Flye is charged with child rape, indecent exposure and indecent assault and battery of a disabled person. He was being arraigned on those charges in New Bedford Superior Court when he when he jumped from the top of a stairwell and injured himself, according to the Bristol District Attorney’s Office.
    He escaped from the hospital, where he was being treated, late yesterday afternoon.
    Flye was being held in jail on $500,000 cash bail prior to the escape. He lived at 9 Brinda Lane in Nantucket during the week and at 18 Rowley St. in Swansea on the weekends.
    Bristol DA spokesman Gregg Miliote said that Flye has several aliases and has connections in Wareham, Martha’s Vineyard, Rhode Island and Maine. Flye was arrested on the rape charges in February outside his Nantucket home.
    Police are urging anyone who has seen Flye or has information about Flye’s whereabouts to call police.

  5. Big.G

    Big.G In Tactical Mode....

    Sheriff says security blunders helped suspect flee hospital

    The Associated Press

    NEW BEDFORD, Mass.—
    The Bristol County sheriff says "breakdowns in security" helped lead to the escape of an accused rapist from a New Bedford hospital.

    Anthony Flye remained on the loose after slipping out of a bathroom at the hospital on Tuesday.

    Hodgson says a court officer who was guarding the 38-year-old suspect did not immediately report the escape and the sheriff's office did not learn of it until two corrections officers arrived at the hospital at least one hour later.

    Hodgson says a New Bedford police officer spotted a man believed to be Flye - wearing hospital slippers and a gown - about 45 minutes after the escape. But the officer did not know at the time that the man was wanted and did not arrest him.

    Flye faces charges of child rape, indecent assault and battery on a disabled person and incest.
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    If the Sheriff's department had done their job, which is the care and custody of prisoners this probably would never have happened.

    Instead it got dumped on a lone inexperienced court officer.

    Now the dog and pony show that the deputies are putting on in the streets is a classic example of incompetence with a greater concern for photo opportunities than it is for catching this rapist.

    Funny there isn't enough manpower to watch a prisoner at a hospital but plenty available for the dog and pony shows.


    Officers flooded the downtown area in marked and unmarked cars. Two K-9 units from the sheriff's office were parked outside the Harborview Towers, one on Acushnet Avenue and one on South Second Street, and Sheriff Hodgson checked in with officers near the towers in person about 4 p.m. and again about 5:30


    You have some info that the rapist is possibly hiding out in an apartment complex. What do you do?

    Set up a dog and pony show outside and then what?????

    Hope the rapist comes out to see what the commotion is all about???
  7. kwflatbed

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    Horse and Pony Show

    Members of the Bristol County Sheriff's Department K-9 Unit show a resident a photo of Anthony Flye, an alleged rapist who escaped custody Tuesday at St. Luke's Hospital after a guard removed his cuffs so he could use a bathroom that had two doorways. Mr. Flye was at St. Luke’s because he injured himself in an escape bid at New Bedford Superior Court earlier Tuesday.
  8. 94c

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    So you've got three guys with their backs turned to the building he's supposed to be in...

    If you zoom in far enough you'll probably find the rapist drinking a beer and reading the paper on one of the balconies.

    Hey guys!!!!! He's just been spotted on a fishing boat.
    Hurry!!!! Don't forget to bring the media with you.:DB:
  9. rg1283

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    How hard is it to watch a prisoner, I wouldn't give the guy any privacy at all. At the hospital Usually the prisoner will use the piss can, or have the unarmed guard on watch in or near the area of the bathroom and the armed guard, at the ready incase the guy runs. Seems to me someone lacked in common sense, or fell asleep during their hospital detail :)
  10. New Hire

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    Not to downplay what happened but I think sometimes people forget we are not armed.

    From today's Fall River Herald News...


    By Jay Pateakos
    Herald News Staff Reporter
    Posted Mar 27, 2008 @ 07:25 PM
    Dartmouth —
    The buck didn’t stop with the court officer on duty when accused rapist Anthony Flye fled from St. Luke’s Hospital Tuesday afternoon, it went all the way to the Sheriff’s Office, according to David J. Holway, national president of NAGE, the union representing the trial court workers.
    Citing calls placed to the Sheriff’s Department by New Bedford court officers after Flye was injured following a fall from the second-floor balcony of New Bedford Superior Court, Holway said the blame behind Flye’s escape belongs solely with the Sheriff’s Department.
    Holway said court officers made several calls to the Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday between 12:15 p.m., immediately after the accident occurred, to after 4 p.m. requesting the approximate time of arrival for the sheriff’s “move team.”
    Holway said the sheriff’s move team took nearly five hours to arrive to look after the prisoner.
    “An unarmed court officer who was alone, assumed custody of the inmate and made repeated calls to the Bristol County sheriff, inquiring about their arrival time,” said Holway. “Don’t they have a prison in New Bedford? Why did it take them so long to respond, considering it was their prisoner? Those are the questions you should be asking.”
    In his Wednesday press conference, Sheriff Thomas Hodgson claimed court officer David Jackson did not notify authorities for some time after Flye’s escape, but Holway said Jackson phoned the Sheriff’s Office several times, including at 4 p.m., while Flye was undergoing testing, to inquire again about the “move team’s” arrival time. Refuting Hodgson’s claims in a lack of communication on Jackson’s part, Holway said when Flye escaped, Jackson immediately phoned hospital security, New Bedford police and his own management.
    “He didn’t just sit there, he took the appropriate action,” said Holway.
    Hodgson countered that his staff took a 12:45 p.m. call that Flye was being transported to the hospital but that no one asked to be relieved until 3 p.m., which is when his department began trying to fill the shift internally. Two correctional officers had already been sent out to a detail at 3 p.m. at Charlton Memorial Hospital. The sheriff said that due to staffing issues, it took some time to get people to the hospital.
    “It’s important to point out that at that time, we were not responding to an emergency. He didn’t actually escape until around 4:10 p.m.,” said Hodgson. He said he didn’t know the particulars behind his staff trying to fill the shift, but said that no matter what time they did show up, Flye was the responsibility of the courts until the sheriff’s officers show up, as is with any transfer case.
    Hodgson said both he and Massachusetts Director of Court Security Thomas J. Connolly will meet again in seven to 10 days to iron out plans on improving both systems that may include training and protocol improvements.
    “People in our agencies make mistakes. It’s something that just happens. It’s not about finger-pointing. The officer made a mistake in judgement that I’m sure he wants to have back,” said Hodgson. “We need to fix this to make sure that it won’t ever happen again.”
    New information on the escape was also furnished after Hodgson sat down with Connolly and an interview was conducted with Jackson, a 13-year veteran.
    Hodgson said Flye was originally escorted to St. Luke’s by New Bedford police at around 1:18 p.m. He said Jackson took over custody of Flye at 1:30 p.m. at the hospital where Flye received a battery of tests, including a CAT-Scan. Although it was previously reported that Jackson allowed Flye to make a phone call, Jackson told officials Thursday that that call was never made. Flye, who was in handcuffs and shackles at the courthouse before he dove over the banister, as well as during the ambulance ride and three-hour hospital stay, did ask Jackson to use the bathroom, at which time both his handcuffs and the leg shackles were removed by Jackson. Flye would escape out the second door of the adjoining bathroom.
    In a 5 p.m. statement issued by the Massachusetts Trial Court Security Department, Connolly said proper security protocol requires that two court officers accompany a prisoner to the hospital and that the prisoner be restrained and kept in sight court officers in charge at all times. He said at the conclusion of the internal investigation, a determination will be made whether disciplinary measures will be warranted.

    And furthermore, High Sheriff Hodgson said it himself:

    “It’s important to point out that at that time, we were not responding to an emergency. He didn’t actually escape until around 4:10 p.m.,” said Hodgson. He said he didn’t know the particulars behind his staff trying to fill the shift, but said that no matter what time they did show up, Flye was the responsibility of the courts until the sheriff’s officers show up, as is with any transfer case.''

    Shouldn't his original comment have been "no comment"??
  11. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

    "Not to downplay what happened but I think sometimes people forget we are not armed."

    Then you should not be escorting prisoners to hospitals or anywhere else
    plain and simple
  12. 94c

    94c Subscribing Member

    In all fairness to the individual court officer, he was left with no choice. The people whose job should be the care and custody of prisoners left this guy hanging.

    The care and custody people are only shortstaffed when there is no opportunity for self-aggrandizement.

    If they had done the job they are responsible for doing, then this would not have happened.

    Too much time and effort trying to play cops.

    Even I am not going to post some of the buffoonery that's taken place.

    Just a bunch of guys that could never get on a police department. Pure and Simple.
  13. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

    I am not pointing directly at the court officer but the procedure that the court took.

    If the court officer had stood his ground and said it is not safe or my job
    to take this scumbag to the hospital,you know that they would have found the proper people to do it in a hurry.

    I would think that there were enough PO's in the court house that could
    have done the job if asked.
  14. 94c

    94c Subscribing Member

    It was a bail review hearing on an afternoon at Superior Court. I'm willing to bet there were no PO's there at the time. (Bail reviews are held upstairs)

    PO's are never around in the afternoon unless in the middle of a trial waiting to testify. In which case they would not be able to leave.

    It's not like district court.
  15. BPD3352

    BPD3352 MassCops Member

    Ahhhh yes... Political hires at its best... way to go Trial Courts and BCSD!!!!

    and to the NBPD, keep the good work up.. as long as Hodson is still in office, the "circus" will be in town. I cant imagine the frustration NBPD goes through with this sideshow running around playing cops and robbers.
  16. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

    Escaped child-rape suspect evades cops

    Photo by Courtesy
    Anthony Flye is still a fugitive from justice and is considered extremely dangerous.

    Authorities are getting a half-dozen tips a day but none have panned out in in their three-day manhunt for an accused child rapist who escaped from a New Bedford hospital after a court officer uncuffed him and let him use the bathroom alone.
    Anthony Flye, 38, has been on the lam since Tuesday at 4 p.m., when he slipped out of St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford, where he was being treated following an attempted courthouse escape.
    “The sheriff considers it an urgent situation,” said Bristol Sheriff spokesman Bernie Sullivan.
    Sullivan said they get six tips a day from callers, and more than 60 law enforcement officers are working the case.
    Police raced to Wareham onThursday night after receiving a tip that Flye had been spotted in a wooded area. He was last seen Wednesday at a New Bedford YMCA.
    The court officer who uncuffed Flye to let him use the bathroom waited nearly an hour to notify hospital security that Flye was gone, authorities say.
    The escape prompted the Trial Court to investigate why two court officers were not with Flye - as required by protocol - at the hospital. It’s unclear if Superior Court Officer David Jackson, who makes $62,000 a year, will be disciplined.
    Flye, a married Nantucket carpenter, was being held on $500,000 cash for a slew of charges including rape, incest and indecent exposure stemming from alleged assaults on a teenage relative and a 60-year-old woman.


    Sheriff's Department puts up $5,000 for Flye's capture

    By Jay Pateakos
    Herald News Staff Reporter
    Posted Mar 28, 2008 @ 06:43 PM

    Swansea —
    Accused rapist Anthony Flye continues to elude law enforcement officials and the Sheriff’s Department has ramped up its effort to capture the fugutive by offering a $5,000 reward.
    Police say because the escape has received such widespread media coverage, tips are coming in from people claiming they saw Flye in their backyard, wandering the streets near their homes and even as an employed member of a local college.
    On Friday afternoon, a Beverly newspaper reported on a tipster who claimed to have spotted Flye, or someone who looked like him, at about 4 p.m. Thursday night in the Beverly Farms Square area, at the intersection of West and Hale streets. The resident called police late Thursday night after seeing a picture of Flye on the 11 p.m. news.
    But by late Friday, Beverly Police Sgt. Phillip McCarthy said the sighting was a case of mistaken identity.
    New Bedford Public Information Officer Lt. Jeffrey Silva said while there were some sightings of Flye the first day or so, reports are becoming scarcer by the hour.
    “We have had some tips, but they have been as a result of interviews and information from witness canvassing or informants rather than bona fide tips,” said Silva. “Although there seems to be credibility to some of them, there haven’t been significant developments, so far.”
    “By now, he is in a state where he has found someone friendly to hunker down with. Our best chance of catching him is either right at the beginning when he escaped or after he settles down and gets comfortable,” said Silva. “We believe he hasn’t settled yet.”
    Swansea police have also received a number of leads on Flye’s whereabouts. Swansea Deputy Police Chief Robert Furtado said when a case gets as much coverage as the Flye case, the tips are many, but the results that come from them are few.
    “Especially when a dangerous person like this is out there, there are many false sightings,” said Furtado. “People mean well, but it ends up holding up the operation.”
    So far the only sighting that police have reported as confirmed was in the area of the YMCA in New Bedford on Wednesday morning. Phone records showed Flye made a call from a payphone on nearby Purchase Street and a video surveillance camera at the YMCA recorded his image on another phone.
    In addition to his other charges, Flye could face a maximum of 10 years in jail for the escape.
    The Sheriff’s Department's $5,000 reward will be offered to anyone providing information that results in the capture and arrest of Anthony Flye. Those with information are urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 508-995-6400 or Major Nelson DeGouveia at 508-400-0526.

  17. DeputyFife

    DeputyFife Subscribing Member

    Rape suspect sighting called false alarm

    Published: March 28, 2008 10:28 pm ShareThisPrintThis
    Rape suspect sighting called false alarm
    By Mike Stucka
    Staff writer

    BEVERLY — A Beverly Farms resident's sighting of an escaped rape suspect touched off a Beverly Police Department and Endicott College investigation yesterday that concluded it was a case of mistaken identity.
    College President Richard Wylie said parents and students appreciated getting alerted to the sighting yesterday afternoon. Another alert was sent before 5 p.m. saying it had been a false alarm.
    "Any time we think there is a reason for an alert or caution, we communicate with students," said Wylie, who added that one problem with immediate communication is an hour later you find out you've sent 5,000 e-mails for something that hadn't happened.
    The investigation was touched off late Thursday night when a Beverly Farms resident called police after seeing an 11 o'clock news story on Anthony Flye, who escaped Tuesday from a New Bedford hospital while awaiting trial on child rape and other charges. The resident told police that Flye was the person seen in Farms Square who'd said he was delivering a car to the college. That man also commented on how much more fun Endicott College was when it had been an all-girls school, said Patrolman John McCarthy, a Beverly police spokesman.
    Officer Michael Boccuzzi said investigators concluded at 4 p.m. yesterday that it was a case of mistaken identity. A student had a car dropped off after it had body work.
    Flye, 38, had been held on $500,000 cash bail. He is a weekday resident of Nantucket and a weekend resident of Swansea and has connections in Maine, Rhode Island, Wareham and Martha's Vineyard, said Gregg Miliote, a spokesman for the Bristol County District Attorney's Office. The county sheriff has said Flye escaped when a court officer unshackled him in a hospital bathroom and didn't check for another door in the room.
  18. Tuna

    Tuna Always entertained

    Alot of buzzing and back pedeling going on but I still can't see why he was left with a court officer??????????
  19. New Hire

    New Hire MassCops Member

    Flye is in the custody of the court until the Sheriff picks him up....
  20. 94c

    94c Subscribing Member

    ...and the sheriff was there to pick him up.

    He wasn't left with a court officer.

    It was dumped on him.
  21. wgciv

    wgciv New Member


    Job Description and Qualifications
    Court Officer

    Has responsibility for maintaining order, protecting judges, jurors, prisoners, court personnel
    and the public, and serves other needs as defined by the Trial Court.

    Provides security for prisoners, witnesses, jurors, court personnel and the public in the
    courtroom and other designated areas of the courthouse. May be required to take appropriate
    action in disruptive situations in the courtroom or other designated areas, including
    assaultive behavior where persons may be armed or unarmed, and subduing or apprehending

    escaping prisoners, or to provide first response in other emergency situations.

    Protects the privacy and insures the safety of judges.
    Provides security in the prisoner detention area and the courtroom, including monitoring,
    securing and feeding prisoners. Escorts prisoners from the holding area to the courtroom or
    other designated areas.
    Inspects courtrooms, lobbies, lockups, and jury deliberation rooms for explosive devices and
    other devices that could jeopardize security.
    Accepts defendants into custody and holds them or releases them pursuant to the direction
    of the court.
    Performs related duties as required.

    Attends all court officer training programs required by the Trial Court and must successfully
    pass all training requirements.

  22. rg1283

    rg1283 MassCops Member

    In RI this would have never happened, because all the court officers are armed sheriffs.
  23. sdb29

    sdb29 MassCops Member

    I dunno- this whole thing to me isn't passing the smell test. In 25 years on the job I don't think I've ever seen someone in the custody of a Court Officer outside of the court building. At least not in New Bedford Superior/District courts. I've seen them escort jurors looking at crime scenes, and about 20 years ago I remember Court Officers from Superior Court going into downtown New Bedford and in effect taking registered voters in to custody to act as jurors, but at the hospital with a detainee? BCSO all the way.
    I hope the Court Officer who was left holding the bag on this isn't left twisting slowly in the wind while the gmokes that really caused this problem are allowed to wear Teflon.
    BTW, a question- not trying to be a smartass- do CO's receive any training in the care, custody, and transportation of prisoners beyond moving them from the lockup in the basement to the courtroom?
  24. New Hire

    New Hire MassCops Member

    Policy & Procedure manual states - "a minimum of two (2) court officers will accompany the detainee/prisoner in the event of a medical emergency. Officers will ride in ambulance, stay in emergency room, etc."

  25. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

    Agents round up fugitive’s girlfriend

    Hunt for alleged perv enters 2nd week

    The Brazilian girlfriend of accused fugitive rapist Anthony Flye was arrested and detained by immigration officials yesterday as authorities continue to search for the dangerous escapee.
    Flye’s girlfriend, Gilda Rodrigues Silva, was collared yesterday on Nantucket, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. She was nabbed on a deportation warrant.
    There’s no evidence the 38-year-old illegal immigrant aided in Flye’s escape March 25, said Bristol County Sheriff Maj. Nelson DeGouveia.
    Flye, a married 38-year-old charged with rape and incest, escaped from a New Bedford hospital, where he was being treated for injuries he suffered during a previous courthouse escape attempt. He was last spotted Wednesday at a YMCA in New Bedford.
    Flye slipped away after a court officer uncuffed him so he could use the bathroom and call his girlfriend. He was gone for nearly an hour before authorities were notified of the break-out.
    Police are running down dozens of tips in Massachusetts and Maine, where Flye has family, DeGouveia said.
    “We’re folowing up some pretty significant leads,” he said.
    Flye, a carpenter, and his wife, Dawn Flye, own a $1.1 million home in Nantucket and a place in Swansea. The sheriff’s office is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to Flye’s arrest. Call 508-995-6400 with tips.


    Search for accused child rapist goes nationwide

    By Jay Pateakos
    The Herald News
    Posted Mar 31, 2008 @ 03:54 PM
    Last update Mar 31, 2008 @ 09:28 PM

    Fall River —
    The hunt for accused rapist Anthony Flye is going national as a small segment is set to be aired this Saturday night on Fox's America's Most Wanted.
    AMW Northeast correspondent Jon Leiberman confirmed that the show is in the "early stages" of taking the case on but is still gathering the details as they get them.
    "We want to get his face out to the national audience in hope of bringing him to justice," said Leiberman. "This is a man accused of heinous crimes and even after that, he thumbs his nose up at the authorities in his escape."
    Flye, 38, of Swansea and Nantucket, escaped from New Bedford's St. Luke's Hospital Emergency Room bathroom Tuesday after injuring himself when he jumped off the second floor balcony at the New Bedford Superior Court House. He has been missing since 4:10 p.m. Tuesday. Flye had been charged with rape, indecent assault and battery on a disabled person, assault and battery on a disabled person, rape of a child under the age of 16, enticing a child under the age of 16, incest, aggravated rape, and indecent assault and battery.
    Leiberman said the show plans to air at least an eight-second segment this Saturday at 9 p.m., which will show Flye's photo and case history.
    He said Flye's picture and information has already been placed on the AMW.com Web site, a site that Leiberman gets roughly 12 million hits each week and has already received one solid tip that has been passed along to the sheriff's department.
    "Our first step was to get it on the Web site, and the second would be to get the short segment on the air," said Leiberman. "Eight seconds may not appear to be that long, but you'd be surprised at how many people we've caught after putting their face up there for just a few seconds."
    Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said his investigators and dogs were out in Wareham Monday following on a lead that Flye was somewhere in Plymouth County. Hodgson said a number of promising leads have come forth over the last few days, but he said he was unsure where they would lead until more information was gathered. The Sheriff’s Department’s tip line has received on average about six phone calls per day, and Hodgson said that though many of the leads have yet to pan out, it is “building confidence” in the community.
    Asked if any leads are showing Flye still in the southcoast area, Hodgson said they were unsure of any exact location yet. He did confirm that they had received one fax from America’s Most Wanted so far, which relayed a tip that they had received on its 1-800-CRIME-TV hot line sometime on Monday, but Hodgson would not elaborate on that tip.
    Swansea Police Chief George Arruda said he appreciated the case getting on a national stage as long as the end result is Flye’s capture.
    “Any assistance we can get in capturing this defendant will make this department happy,” Arruda said.
    Although Flye, who was last seen while making a call on a video surveillance camera at the New Bedford YMCA, has affiliations in Maine, Rhode Island, Nantucket and other parts of Massachusetts, The AMW Web site link on Flye listed Maryland as a possible location, something that was news to New Bedford Police Lt. Jeffrey Silva.
    “I guess with the time and the price of a bus ticket, you could just about put every state on that list,” said Silva.
    Contacted later in the afternoon, Lieberman said the Maryland reference in Flye’s information was “a mistake by our web team”.
    Silva said the New Bedford Police had nothing to do with any of the information being furnished to America’s Most Wanted, but warned people that the bald picture that has been circulating around about Flye may not be as accurate as authorities would like.
    “They’re using a shaved head photo, but we’ve been told he has a lot more hair than that now,” said Silva.
    People who may have seen Flye or have information on his whereabouts should call the New Bedford Police Tip Line at 508-961-4584 or the Sheriff’s Office at 508-995-6400. The Sheriff’s Department is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the capture and arrest of Flye.


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