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Discussion in 'Police Duty Gear For Sale / Wanted' started by john77, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. john77

    john77 New Member

    Are there any departments out there using the Smith and Wesson Sigmas?
    I have heard mixed reviews about them and was wondering if there were any LE depts. that were trusting them. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    We used SW40VE's for two years. Some officers had occasional jam(s) at the range. Armorer usually able to handle it. We upgraded to SW40E in 2003, and everybody seems much happier.
    One thing discovered, as with all guns, it needs to be cleaned good about every 90 days, cuz it will get all sorts of crud EVERYWHERE from daily carry. This is a good idea even with cadillac guns like Sig-Sauer.
    In any event, are the Sigma's glocks? No, but they have proven adequate for our agency. Truth be told, I'd be happy with a Smith Model 19 in .357 or a 1911 clone. As long as I can qualify with it and it's reliable, that's all I'm looking for.
  3. LenS

    LenS New Member

    I bought one back when S&W ran a special 3-day LE sale at AAA Police Supply. 1st trip to the range, the mag retention mechanism failed, dropping mags when you raised the gun!

    S&W repaired it and I then sold it.

    Chief Ron Glidden told me that the Lee PD had deployed these guns and were very unhappy with them. They got rid of them and went to another model gun (don't recall which).

    I certainly don't think very highly of them.
  4. 40th MPOC#309

    40th MPOC#309 New Member

    Hey Woody! How about a GE M61A1 Cannon mounted on the roof of 947? I can get you a deal on one from DRMO-maybe an old Weapons Troop to go w/it! Does it have to be a female? :oops:
  5. JP64

    JP64 MassCops Member

    Their is a rumor out there that S&W reportedly has to pay Glock $60 each time a Sigma is sold, due to copyright or patent or trademark or some other infringement. I know Ashland and Sherborn used them in the past.
  6. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    Sigmas's seem to evoke that "Like em or hate em" maxim, with no in between. Len thanks for your personal experience. I do think you worship Glidden as some firearms god though (hee hee)

    Springfield was one of the first Large PD's to carry the older first generation SW--F's. Don't really know if they still carry any kind of Sigma now. In the context of the original question, I think that the newer "enhanced" model Sigma's did address some reliability issues.


    We're actually looking into purchasing a better surplus weapon. It's primary purpose would be crowd control and a secondary use would be parking enforcement (clearing lots for snow removal).................
  7. LenS

    LenS New Member


    When it comes to MA firearms law, yes I'll admit to worshiping Ron Glidden, just like those that love the Colt .45 worship Col. Jeff Cooper. Nothing better than having an expert in your corner you can turn to for questions.

    Ron spends many hours/week talking with those that write the laws, those that wrote the wording and the staff attorneys so that his answers really reflect the intent and words in the law. Too many in LE (and legislators) "make it up as they go". Believe it or not, I don't always agree with Ron and have told him so, but I still respect his answers and know that "I can take them to the bank".

    As for the Sigmas. I was probably grousing to him about what had happened when he offered up his PD's experience with them. In addition, on another MA-based eList one participant worked at S&W on the Sigma line. He told us outright that they were garbage and had lots of problems . . . but that was after I learned the hard way. My only saving grace was that I was able to sell it for what I paid for it (less sales tax cost) a few years later (and it only had 100 rds thru it). :D
  8. MassAcademyXO

    MassAcademyXO New Member

    As everyone else has stated - Personal preference.
    That said...Spend the money - Buy Glock.

    I have found the Sigma to be very inaccurate and with a strong tendancy to stove-pipe
  9. mv577

    mv577 New Member

    Ashland used the older style Sigmas for a long time... we had a lot of problems with the magazines towards the end... recently switched to the G22...
  10. sw40g

    sw40g Guest

    my .40 sigma works perfect, i've never had one jam, even after extensive shooting in extreme weather conditions!
  11. Foxracingmtnridr

    Foxracingmtnridr Subscribing Member

    I have the S&W SW40VE and it's ok for personal use but I wouldn't wanna carry it for duty. It's my personal piece. I brought it to the range for the first time and i brought 200 rounds with me cuse i wanted to beat it like it owed me some money and it handled pretty good I had a few stovepipes when i was firing fast. Also the pin that holds the trigger in was sliding out a lil bit. And the trigger is kinda cheap and chincy. The gun does have a built in bracket for mounting a light which is kinda nice. The gun is definatly worth the $280 you pay for it. I'll take my SIG P220 or my S&W6946 any day over it though.

    Scott :rock:
  12. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    If you're going to make statement like that, don't name that plastic-ghetto-tastic that comes in the tupperware container....if you're going to spend the dough, buy Sig or HK.
  13. john77

    john77 New Member

    After thinking long and hard about it, I decided to spend the extra money after I found a used Sig P229 at a really good price. Thanks for the input everyone.

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