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Suspected armed raider suffers heart attack in jewellery shop robbery... and his accomplice runs off

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Suspected armed raider suffers heart attack in jewellery shop robbery... and his accomplice runs off leaving him at the scene

  • Two men entered John Gowing Jewellers in Oxford at 9.15am
  • One of alleged robbers believed to have suffered a heart attack during raid
  • Paramedics carried out CPR on him during journey to hospital
  • His condition has been described as 'life-threatening'
By Anthony Bond
PUBLISHED:10:11 EST, 30 March 2013| UPDATED:11:57 EST, 30 March 2013

An armed raider who smashed his way into a jewellery shop today had a heart attack and collapsed unconscious in front of staff.
The 40-year-old man had to be given CPR by paramedics who battled to save his life before rushing him to hospital.
Minutes earlier he and an accomplice had battered their way into the shop which had just opened for business, smashing the glass in three windows.

Injury: An armed robber who raided a jewellery shop this morning suffered a heart attack during the robbery. The raid took place inside The Covered Market, pictured, in Oxford

The two were believed to have roared up outside a covered shopping centre in Oxford on a motorcycle. They then ran into the arcade where they smashed glass in John Gowing jewellery store.
Sources said that moments after confronting the staff - one of who managed to dial 999 to alert the police - the older of the two raiders clutched his chest and collapsed unconscious to the shop floor.
The other man ran away from the shop, empty-handed. He left his accomplice behind, along with a black and green motorcycle which was lying on the ground.

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Karma's a bitch.

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Upon his arrival at the hospital doctors rushed to save him:
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Occupational Hazard! OSHA should look into this...
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