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State and city cops wrapping up an undercover heroin buy in East Boston last night shot one of the suspects they had pulled over on Princeton Street, police said.
The suspect was described by police sources as a man about 18 years old. He was treated at Massachusetts General Hospital for a gunshot wound through tissue in the left chest muscle, a public safety source said. The round did not penetrate his chest cavity or harm any organs, the source said.
The wounded suspect was driving a car after undercover cops sold him heroin, when a marked cruiser pulled him over on Princeton Street about 8:30 p.m. As the drug cops closed in with their weapons drawn, the driver began swallowing heroin, the source said.
In order to prevent a potentially fatal overdose and to preserve the evidence, one of the officers wrapped his arm around the suspect from behind, grabbing him in a choke hold, the source said. That's when his gun discharged, sending a round through the suspect's left breast, sources said.
Police officials would not comment on the scenario last night.
"Officers ordered the subjects out of the vehicle. A struggle ensued, and one shot was discharged," said Superintendent Bruce A. Holloway, chief of the bureau of investigative services.
Two police officers were taken to Boston Medical Center for evaluation due to stress. The wounded suspect and a second man are expected to be charged with possession of heroin.

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Cops: Shot teen resisted

Police investigate incident during drug bust

Photo by Angela Rowlings
Jorge Luis Ortiz Lara, 22, who was driving the car cops pulled over Wednesday, pleaded not guilty yesterday.

Boston Police are investigating how an officer's gun discharged during an arrest resulting from an undercover drug bust, hitting the 18-year-old suspect in the chest Wednesday night in East Boston during an apparent struggle.
BPD and state police had scheduled an undercover heroin buy involving an informant near Saratoga and Chelsea streets. After watching their cooperating witness enter the back of a suspect's 2008 BMW X5 and buy a bag, the undercover cops requested a marked cruiser, which pulled the car over at 158 Princeton St., according to a police report.
But after their informant exited the car, police say both the driver and passenger refused to open the doors, despite officers' repeated commands. Officers then saw the driver swallow the drugs before one officer managed to get in through the rear passenger door, the report states.
Several officials told the Herald that the officer tried to physically stop the passenger, identified by cops as Ariel Lara Aguasviva, from swallowing a potentially fatal dose of drugs.
The suspect "violently resisted," according to the report, which is when the gun was fired.
BPD spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll said there was no other information available about what caused the gun to become un-holstered and discharge. She added that investigators from the Firearm Discharge Team need time to determine what happened.
"The discharge was instigated by the suspect," said attorney Tom Drechsler of the Boston Police Patrolmens' Association. "I think the evidence will bear that out."
The two arresting officers were placed on injury leave, Driscoll said.
Aguasviva, 18, of Jamaica Plainwas hit in the right chest area and transported to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was later released.
He pleaded not guilty yesterday in East Boston District Court to multiple drug charges, including possession of a Class A substance with intent to distribute, dealing drugs within 1,000 feet of a school, conspiracy to violate drug laws, assault and battery on a police officer, and resisting arrest. He was held on $3,000 bail and given an 8 p.m. curfew if he posts bail.
Jorge Luis Ortiz Lara, 22, of Palmer pleaded not guilty to multiple drug charges. Bail was set at $500.
Aguasviva was found to have swallowed six plastic bags of heroin, according to authorities.
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