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Suspect fled into police dog's yard

Police in Brisbane, Australia, said a fleeing armed robbery suspect made an
unlucky move when he hopped into a police dog's yard.

Neil Smith, handler for police dog Rocky, said he was in the shower when
the 30-year-old suspect jumped into his yard after attempting to rob a
store at knifepoint, the Brisbane Courier-Mail reported Friday.

However, Rocky was outside and immediately began chasing the intruder
around the neighborhood.

"He's pretty territorial of his house and yard, he would have been
defending me and the rest of the family," Smith said.

Rocky eventually cornered the suspect, who was taken into custody by
police officers who joined in the chase.

Smith said if the suspect had chosen the backyard next door he would
only have been confronted by a small shitzhu.

"It's uncanny, isn't it," he said. "Some blokes just have no luck."
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