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HOLLYWOOD, CA -- A robbery suspect was shot and wounded during a struggle near Children's Hospital in Hollywood. A woman on a nearby city bus was hurt by debris from the gunfire.
Officers responded to an armed robbery call around 1 p.m. near the intersection of Vermont Avenue and Sunset Boulevard, according to LAPD officials. When officers arrived, they spotted the suspect who was armed with a knife.
As an officer tried to arrest the suspect, the suspect reportedly hit the officer on the head with the butt of a knife. The officer fired at the suspect, wounding him.
The unidentified suspect was transported to County USC Medical Center. He is expected to survive.
Richard French of LAPD Media Relations said a bullet from the officer's weapon struck an MTA bus, wounding a female passenger. It's unclear if the woman was hit by flying glass or some other debris from the shooting. Her injuries are said to be minor.
Roads were closed in the immediate area to accommodate the investigation
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