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Suspect and Victim Identified In Oak Park Fatal Police Shooting

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    Police Still Looking For Person Who Shot Police Officer In Oak Park

    POSTED: Sunday, December 28, 2008
    UPDATED: 9:15 am EST December 28, 2008


    OAK PARK, Mich. -- An Oak Park police officer, Mason Samborski, was shot and killed early Sunday morning in the area of 10 Mile Road and Greenfield Road, according to police.

    Samborski, 28, was performing a routine traffic stop in the area, which lead to an investigation at a nearby home. That is where the shooting took place.

    Samborski was a four-year veteran of the force, police said. He was married with one child.

    Police are still searching for the suspect, Jonathon Belton, 16, of Detroit.

    He was last seen driving a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee with license plate BEF 5904. The vehicle is possibly blue or green.

    It is believed the Belton left the area, but police are still searching.

    Several area police are assisting Oak Park with the investigation.

    Stay with Local 4 and for the latest on this developing story.

    Detroit officer slain; teenager suspected

    By Dan Cortez
    Detroit Free Press

    DETROIT — Several law enforcement agencies have joined Oak Park police in searching for a 16-year-old suspected in the fatal shooting of an Oak Park police officer early this morning.
    The suspect, 16-year-old Jonathan Belton, is considered armed and dangerous, Oak Park Lt. Mike Pinkerton told the Free Press. Reports have indicated that Belton might have fled the area in a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee with license plate BEF 5904. He is described as 5-foot-11 and about 180 pounds.
    Officer Mason Samborski, 28, a four-year veteran of the department, made a traffic stop around 12:30 a.m. near the intersection of 10 Mile and Greenfield roads. He took Belton to an address at a nearby apartment complex in connection with an investigation. A struggle between Samborski and Belton ensued in a hallway of the apartment complex and the officer was fatally shot, Pinkerton said.
    Police are not saying whether Samborski was shot with his own weapon, but the officer’s weapon was reportedly not recovered at the scene by officers who responded to the shooting. Pinkerton said he could not confirm that information. It remains unclear what led Samborski to take Belton to the apartment complex. No other parties are being sought in connection with the incident.
    Samborski was married and had one child. Oak Park Mayor Gerald Naftaly said he received word of the shooting around 1:45 a.m. and hasn’t slept since. Several residents have called after they heard about the shooting.
    “I was very saddened when I got the call early in the morning,” he said. “(Samborski) was very young. One of our former public safety directors used to say there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop.”
    Naftaly added that a sergeant will work with Samborski’s family over the next several weeks.
    By noon, messages were already posted on Facebook about the incident. A woman with the screen name “Victoria Belton” said she was “so hurt,I luv my bro and i hope u ok where ever u at.” A page under the name of “Jonathan Belton” could not be viewed, although there was a picture of a man matching the description of Belton making an unidentified symbol with his hands. The page lists Belton as a student at Cody High School in Detroit.
    Samborski is the first Oak Park officer shot and killed in the line of duty since Henry Wolf was shot and killed during a traffic stop May 21,1973. The city has a plaque dedicated to Wolf at the city offices.
    Police planned to hold a press conference in the late afternoon to discuss the incident in greater detail. Funeral arrangements are pending.
    Anyone with information about Belton’s whereabouts or the shooting is asked to contact Oak Park police at 248-691-7447 or dial 911.

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    Mich. teen arrested in officer's death

    By David N. Goodman
    Associated Press

    OAK PARK, Mich. — A teenager was arrested Sunday in connection with the fatal shooting of a suburban Detroit police officer who had stopped him for driving without a license, police said.
    The Detroit teenager surrendered to police a few hours after shooting Oak Park Officer Mason Samborski, police said.
    Samborski, 28, stopped the 16-year-old driver of a Jeep Grand Cherokee during the early morning. The officer put the teen in his squad car and drove him to a nearby apartment complex, apparently seeking an adult to take custody of him or someone who could establish his identity, Chief John McNeilance said.
    A struggle occurred at the apartment and Samborski was shot once, the chief said. He wouldn't say if the officer was shot with his own gun.
    A neighbor called police. Emergency crews tried to revive the officer, but he died at Providence Hospital.
    "It's the worst possible thing that can happen in a police department," McNeilance said. "Obviously, our officers are devastated."
    The teen apparently fled in the Jeep but surrendered about 2:25 p.m. at a police station in nearby Detroit. He was being held there while police sought murder charges.
    Police declined to identify the teen.
    Samborski had been with the Oak Park police force for four years, said Department of Public Safety Lt. Mike Pinkerton. He was married with one child.
    Oak Park is a city of about 29,000 on Detroit's northern border.

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    Mich. teen charged as adult in officer's killing

    The Associated Press

    A prosecutor in Michigan says a 16-year-old from Detroit will be charged as an adult in the killing of an Oak Park police officer who was shot following a weekend traffic stop.
    Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said in a statement Thursday that she has authorized a warrant charging Jonathan Belton with first-degree murder.
    Belton was arrested in connection with the death of 28-year-old Officer Mason Samborski, who was shot early Sunday in the Detroit suburb of Oak Park.
    Belton was charged Monday as a juvenile with open murder and possessing a firearm in the commission of a felony.
    He was being held without bail. Arraignment was set for Friday.
    Defense attorney Wright Blake did not immediately respond to a call seeking comment Thursday.

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    New details emerge in Detroit officer's death

    By Gina Damron
    Detroit Free Press

    DETROIT — Footsteps pounded down the hallway.
    Heavy, fast.
    Yisroel Mondroe turned away from his video game and listened to the scuffle from behind his apartment door in Oak Park.
    Glass crashed from breaking windows.
    There were low grunts, Mondroe said, like the sounds of people wrestling on the dingy carpet in the narrow hallway after midnight.
    Then a gunshot -- a pop so loud and shocking, Mondroe said, that he could almost feel its force.
    It was early Sunday, and Oak Park Officer Mason Samborski lay on the floor between two apartments, fatally shot, police say, by 16-year-old Jonathan Belton of Detroit. Belton was charged as an adult Friday and faces life in prison if convicted on murder charges.
    "It was quiet for a little time" after the commotion, Mondroe, 22, said Friday.
    Then police came.
    Someone yelled.
    "Officer down, officer down," recalled Mondroe, who said he didn't see the shooting and never opened his door until police came knocking.
    These new details about what happened Sunday at the Rue Versailles apartment complex have emerged from the building's residents as attorneys ready themselves for court hearings later this month and family and friends of both Samborski and Belton cope with their grief.
    As the cops stormed the complex and the shooting unfolded outside of his door, Mondroe says he heard a voice, but he's not sure who it was.
    "Don't leave me," the voice said. "Don't leave me."
    It started with a traffic stop
    It was early Sunday when Samborski made a traffic stop near 10 Mile and Greenfield roads, calling in his location to dispatchers.
    He pulled over Belton, who was driving a 1997 Jeep Cherokee without a license.
    Police say they believe the teen told Samborski, 28, of Howell that he had a relative at the Rue Versailles apartments, also near 10 Mile and Greenfield roads. Samborski drove Belton to the complex, to a building on South Montmartre Court.
    Oak Park Public Safety Director John McNeilance has said it's unclear why Samborski took the teen to the apartment complex rather than bringing him into the station.
    But, he said, police believe Samborski was trying to turn the teen over to an adult. Samborski, though, did not call in the trip to dispatchers. Oak Park Lt. Michael Pousak has said officers always should notify dispatch of what they're doing.
    When Samborski and Belton arrived at the apartment building, they buzzed the residence of a 15-year-old girl, who is a friend of Belton and was home alone that night, her father, Daniel Jackson, said Friday.
    He said his daughter opened the apartment door, peered out and saw the officer and teen standing on the porch through the glass door. Jackson said he believes his daughter talked to Belton and Samborski. The details of what happened next are cloudy, but Jackson said somehow the officer and Belton ended up in the building.
    A scuffle ensued. Mondroe was in his living room, playing "Call of Duty" on his Xbox with his brother when he heard the tussle. Once the shot rang out, Mondroe and his brother called 911.
    Police "were here instantly," he said.
    Jackson said he believes his daughter went back into their apartment before the officer was shot.
    She was "scared to death," he said.
    Police said emergency officials who arrived at the scene tried to help Samborski, who was shot in the head.
    As police flooded the apartment complex, Mondroe said he heard them knock on each door. When the knock came on Mondroe's door, he answered. He and his brother were escorted out. Samborski was taken to Providence Hospital in Southfield, where he was pronounced dead.
    Mondroe said they waited in patrol cars and were taken to the police station. They were questioned and eventually released.
    Flowers and stuffed animals now sit inside the front entrance of the apartment building, where blood still stained the carpet Friday.
    'It's extremely difficult'
    More than two dozen Oak Park officers lined the walls of a tiny courtroom Friday, listening quietly as Belton appeared by video for his arraignment.
    Belton's family watched from benches, as the teen pleaded not guilty in Oak Park's 45B District Court to one count each of first-degree murder and murder of a peace officer and two counts of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony.
    Judge David Gubow remanded Belton to the Oakland County Jail without bond.
    Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor Ken Frazee said Belton assaulted a Detroit Public Schools officer in 2006. Wright Blake, Belton's attorney, told Gubow that his client is not on probation.
    The teen's mother, Jawana Belton, did not want to discuss her son's case, but said she wants "people to know that he's loved."
    The decision to charge Belton as an adult fell to new Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, who took office Thursday. Cooper did not return calls for comment.
    Frazee said only Cooper could comment on the case.
    A hearing is to be held Jan. 14, with Belton's preliminary examination set for Jan. 16.
    After Friday's hearing, as the officers filed out of the courtroom, McNeilance said getting back to work has been difficult.
    "It will take a while to bring back some sense of normalcy," he said.

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