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Surefire Flashlight Replacement Parts

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Hush, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

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  2. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Looks like the parts are for discontinued items, so they are giving them away and shipping free. Pretty classy, amazing customer service! 6P, E2, etc.
  3. Dan Stark

    Dan Stark Tears of a Clown

    Eyeing a 6p with malkoff drop in...
  4. Goose

    Goose The list is long but distinguished. Staff Member

    Oh, Sniper thought you were talking about FLESHlights...
  5. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    Surefire is the best flashlight...I own three!
  6. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Best one on the market now are the FURY 500 lumens for $100 bucks.
    This is a good way to rehab old 6P's that can be upgraded with bright LED bulbs, like Malkoff.

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