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Nothing ever happens at a school.............(Episode#1463)
Graduation last Friday evening, gentleman drives directly at me, causing me great concern (shock/alarm) and motivating me to jump backwards. He strikes curb and continues on at high rate of speed. I radio description to fellow officers. Further on he attempts to run over another officer doing traffic. Suspect blocked/surrounded by cruisers and bike officers. As I roll up on scene to have a few choice words with the "gentleman" I notice he is on ground and in cuffs. Seems he had an edged weapon on him and stated "I wanted the cops to do me" One officer sustained shoulder injury and cut to hand. I didn't think he was running late for giving the commencement speech.
BTW- I missed seeing this in the Brockton Enterprise

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Two officers from my agency are dispatch to a residence for aburglary in progress. As soon as the officers arrive on scene,suspect exit the residnece and shoots at the officers. The officers take cover and the suspect, armed with a semi-auto shotgun takes off running. We finally catch up with the suspect after he shot 15 rounds at numerous officers. The suspect surcomes to his injuries at his finally resting spot, a quarter of a mile from his initial shot. Thank god, no officers are injuried.
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