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Students suspended for dressing up in Borat 'mankinis'

Two students who dressed up as Borat in skimpy "mankinis" have been suspended from their design college in Vietnam.

The pair performed an impromptu dance act at a company party dressed as the spoof Kazakh journalist in his notoriously skimpy "mankini" swimming costume.
The technology and telecommunications firm FPT owns the college where the two performers were studying design.

Hanoi Cultural Inspectorate fined the college 4m dong (£135) for a number of offences including "use of improper clothing" and suspended the students for 12 months.
The students, who were wrestling with each other and pulling fake pubic hair from their costumes, were imitating British actor Sacha Baron Cohen's spoof character Borat.

In the 2006 film Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, Borat is a journalist from Kazakhstan who travels to America to learn about the country.
In one scene he dresses up in a neon "mankini", which is supposed to be a cross between a bikini and a thong for men.

Video clips of the Vietnam incident were posted on the internet but then taken down.
According to a report in Thanh Nien, a publication of the Vietnam National Youth Federation: "Many members of the 4,000-strong audience clapped their hands and cheered the nearly naked students on, although some female audience members voiced their disapproval."

Newspapers called the performance "obscene", saying it was against Vietnam's morality and tradition.

A reader, Nguyen Dinh Van from Hanoi, wrote it saying: "I cannot understand how they could do such an anti-cultural thing."
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