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Student made roommates get fat

A Chinese college student has been arrested for blackmailing her roommates into putting on weight.
Li Jiao, of Hefei city, claimed she was the granddaughter of a gangster boss who could make anyone "disappear".

Her five roommates fell for her story and obeyed her every order - for two years, reports Anhui Market Daily.
She made them give her £800 to pay for slimming aids and cosmetic surgery - and punished them when they bought her snacks to win her favour.

One roommate, Qing Qing, was ordered to gain 15kg (33lbs) in weight in just one month. When she failed, she was banned from washing her face for three months.

Li then ordered the other four to put on weight for not helping Qing gain wait and demanded more money for not selling them all into prostitution.
Qing Qing finally moved out after two years, and her family called the police after learning what had happened.

Li reportedly confessed to police that she had made up gangster stories for "fun". She has been charged with blackmail.
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