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Student Disfigured during School Fight

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Student disfigured during school fight
By Kristen Bradley / Daily News Staff
Thursday, April 21, 2005

MARLBOROUGH -- A 17-year-old high school student was severely disfigured yesterday -- her face maimed by a broken glass bottle -- during a fight with an out-of-town teen in the high school parking lot, police said.

Jennifer Oraingo -- a Marlborough High senior -- was lying in a pool of blood just before 1 yesterday morning when paramedics arrived. At presstime, she was at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester being treated.

Jamie L. Pelletier, 17, of 1 Judges Road, Lexington, was arraigned yesterday in Marlborough District Court on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and mayhem. She was held without bail pending hearings today on bail and whether she is a danger to the public.

The two girls fought over Jeffery Tucci, Pelletier's ex-boyfriend who is now dating Oraingo, according to authorities.

Pelletier and Oraingo argued and shoved one another, police said. At one point, Pelletier picked up a broken glass bottle and repeatedly slashed Oraingo in the face.

Oraingo suffered deep facial cuts, including one above her lip, Officer Andrew LaRose wrote in his police report.

Officers who responded, took photos of Oraingo's injuries, multiple pools of blood and a broken bottle that had contained "Twisted Tea," an alcoholic malt beverage.

"The photos of the victim attached to this incident (report) do not depict the horrific site I saw at the scene," Officer Andrew LaRose wrote.

Several people were standing around Oraingo, who was lying on her back on the ground, covered in blood. One girl held a cloth to Oraingo's face.

As the ambulance arrived, Oraingo regained consciousness, coughed up blood and complained she could not breathe.

When police initially questioned witnesses, no one would talk, according to court records. Eventually, friends told police about the fight.

Pelletier admitted to police that she attacked Oraingo with the bottle.

Oraingo got word that Pelletier was in town and out with Tucci, also a Marlborough High student, so she and some of her friends followed the former couple around town in a car for part of the night.

When Pelletier and Tucci caught on, they pulled into the parking lot at the high school and the two girls got out of their cars and screamed at each other. Tucci left the two girls to fight it out and fend for themselves, according to court records.

Oraingo was taken to Marlborough Hospital and then to UMass in Worcester to see a plastic surgeon, authorities said. Oraingo was still being evaluated in the emergency room last night and her condition was not immediately available, according to a hospital spokesman.
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