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Strong vs. Weak Chief

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Mass has the unusual system of "strong" chiefs (41/97) and "weak" chiefs" (41/97A). Yet I am having a heck of a time finding a resource that clearly defines the difference. Does anyone know of one? Thanks!
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I don't have a clear understanding of it but I believe the difference is who has direct control of the department. The strong Chief has appointing authority, the ability to remove for cause and developes appropriate rules and regs for the department. A weak Chief has to defer these duties to the Board of Selectmen.

The General Law governing Fire Chiefs (MGL 48, sec 42) seems a little clearer.

You may be able to get a thorough definition from Pat Rogers or John Sheft. The only other place you might be able to find the matter discussed may be in town meeting records of communities that have dealt with this issue.

Good luck, if I find something I will forward it to you.
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