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stoughton auxiliary program

Discussion in 'Reserve / Auxiliary' started by musclerussian, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. 263FPD

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    I don't know anything about that. Chief Shastane got handed a broken department. Granted, many of the guys there, were/are top notch cops. A lot of things to fix there. I can ay with conviction that if anyone could fix a "broken toy", Paul Shastany can and will do it. If the Auxiliary Division had to be torn down and rebuilt for rhe greater good, then it is what it is. SPD had a lot of demons ripe for exorsism. Who knows what the real deal was?
  2. mpd61

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    True that. Remember Tommy-Boy was a resident there, he would have been a good cowboy, er, I mean officer...ah just shoot me! LOL!

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