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Employment Information

The South Carolina Highway Patrol offers many opportunities and challenges for a law enforcement officer. We are currently seeking applicants for a trooper training class. If you are looking for a rewarding and exciting career, please read below to find out more about South Carolina's largest law enforcement agency.
About the South Carolina Highway Patrol:

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is South Carolina's largest law enforcement agency with more than 1,000 uniform and civilian personnel including uniformed officers, telecommunications officers and civilian personnel dedicated to highway safety and eliminating the flow of illegal narcotics on the state's 66,000 miles of highways. About 800 troopers patrol our highways in seven geographic Troops throughout our state. Our troopers undergo 18 weeks of intensive training at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy before beginning their law enforcement careers.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol has become a technologically advanced and sophisticated law enforcement agency, but we remain firmly rooted by our proud tradition and decades of service to our state's citizens.

Today, troopers use a variety of vehicles, including the marked, semi-marked and unmarked cars, high-performance cars, motorcycles and sport utility vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with mobile communications systems and computers as well as in-car cameras. Our troopers carry pistols and wear bullet-proof vests. They are equipped with the some of the most advanced weaponry, communications and safety equipment.

Specialized Units:

While the primary function of the Patrol is to enforce motor vehicle laws, there are several specialized units within the Patrol.

· The Multi-disciplinary Accident Investigation Team (MAIT): investigates complicated vehicle crashes, using state-of-the-art technology and analysis to reconstruct the scene.

· The Civil Emergency Response Team (CERT): responds to civil emergencies using specialized training, tactics and equipment.

· The ACE (Aggressive Criminal Enforcement) Team: works specifically to curtail trafficking and transportation of illegal drugs on South Carolina roadways and includes the K-9 Corps, which assists in tracking drugs.

· The Telecommunications Centers: work dispatching troopers to incident scenes and assist the public with emergency calls.

· The Insurance Enforcement Unit: works closely with the Department of Motor Vehicles to identify uninsured drivers and take them off the highways.

· Community Relations Office: includes uniformed troopers and civilian staff around the state dedicated to educating the public and media about the Highway Patrol and highway safety.

· Governor's Security Detail: works with the State Law Enforcement Division to provide security for the South Carolina Governor and his family.

· Emergency Management Unit: monitors emergency traffic issues and coordinates hurricane evacuation efforts.

Please read below for qualifications:

Minimum Qualifications

At least 21 years of age
US Citizen (South Carolina Residency is not required)
High School Graduate or GED
20/20 vision OR no more than 20/100 corrected to 20/20
Driving Record shall be clear of any suspension for the last 5 years as a result of alcoholic beverage or dangerous drug violation, or leaving the scene of an accident. The overall driving record will be evaluated placing emphasis on the severity, date and age, time span, and number of violations accumulated.
Must be able to perform all of the essential and marginal job functions of a State Trooper.

Selection Process

Your application for employment is submitted.

Physical Fitness Test:
you must pass a physical fitness test consisting of push-ups, sit-ups, and a 1.5 mile run.

Written Examination:
You will be required to pass a reading comprehension test and fill out a personal history questionnaire form.

Polygraph Examination:
If you pass the written exam, you will be given a date to report for a polygraph examination.

Background Investigation:
If you pass the above two phases, you will undergo a complete background investigation consisting of criminal and credit records, school records, military records, drivers license records, character references, personal references, interviewing neighbors and current and former employers.

Review Board:
If you successfully pass all above phases you will be given a date to report before an Oral Review Board. The Board will consist of five members of the Patrol. The Board will recommend the top candidates for appointment to the next available patrol class to the Patrol Commander and DPS Director.

Medical/Psychological Screening:
If you are given a contingent offer of employment, you will be required to have a complete physical, drug test, eye exam, and Tuberculin skin test. You will also be required to take a written psychological test and to be interviewed by our psychologist. All results will be reviewed by our medical staff and must meet our standards.
Body Piercing:
Body piercing, which is visible anytime while on duty and/or in uniform, is prohibited. This does not include the piercing of the ear lobe for female troopers.

Tattoos Body Art and Brands:
Highway Patrol applicants are forbidden to have tattoos, body art or brands that are visible while in uniform or on duty. If the applicant can have the tattoo or body art removed and recover from the treatment in sufficient time to start pre-employment activity or Academy Training, the applicant can be selected.

Physical Fitness Preparation Packet (MS Word format)
Physical Fitness Preparation Packet (PDF file)


15 days Annual Leave
15 days Sick Leave
12 paid Holidays
State Health Insurance
State Dental Insurance
Patrol Car
All Uniforms and Accessories
Eligibility for retirement with 25 years of service or at age 55.
Those who wish to apply may download the:
SC State Government Application for Employment. (PDF file) and the
Department of Public Safety Commissioned Officers Supplement. (PDF file)
- Commissioned Officers Supplement (MS Word file)
- Addendum Sheet Revised Codes (MS Word file)

Please make sure that the application is filled out completely and all the information provided is accurate. If you have additional questions concerning employment opportunities with the South Carolina Highway Patrol contact the Employment Office at SCHP Recruiter or call toll free 1-877-349-2096 or local 803-896-8135.

An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer
Women and Minorities are encouraged to apply

You may contact us at:

S.C. State Highway Patrol Employment Unit,
Mailing address:
P. O. Box 1993,
Blythewood, SC, 29016

Street address:
10311 Wilson Boulevard,
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