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New Highway Patrol Academy Information

Application Deadline:
January 31, 2005
About Lake Patrol

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) currently has a membership of approximately 832 members. They are assigned to geographically located Troop headquarters and identified by a letter designator.

Field Troops

The majority of the members are assigned to the thirteen field Troops, A through M and the turnpike Troops, X and Y. These field troopers are responsible for patrolling Oklahoma's 111,994 miles of city, county, and state maintained roads and highways. Field troopers are first responders to emergency situations from traffic collisions to natural disasters and civil disorders. Troopers provide everyday service to the public, whether it be a motorist assist or promoting Oklahoma to a visitor in the state. Troopers are prepared and willing to assist any law enforcement agency when asked and perceptive to take the initiative to offer assistance when needed.

Special Service Troops

To fulfill its ever-expanding role and to comply with Legislative mandates, the department has created additional branches within the ranks of its uniformed personnel and given them specialized responsibilities. These divisions are staffed with both commissioned and civilian personnel.

Aircraft Division

Personnel in this section provide airborne assistance to OHP ground units in traffic enforcement, manhunt and search and rescue operations. This division also provides state administrative personnel with transportation. The department currently operates with a roster of 14 personnel and a fleet of 9 fixed-wing aircraft and 2 helicopters

Executive Security

The Executive Security Division carries out the Department's statutory mandate to provide protection, security services, and transportation, for the Governor and their immediate family and the Lieutenant Governor.
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