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MSP - Trooper

Never before has a career as a trooper in the Michigan State Police been more rewarding. The department has an outstanding reputation built on a proud tradition of service through excellence, integrity, and courtesy. Michigan State Police Troopers, Motor Carrier Officers, and State Properties Security Officers continually strive to enhance this reputation of excellence and maintain their role as leaders in the field of law enforcement.

Do you Qualify?

We are looking for qualified persons interested in joining the ranks of an elite group of men and women who have dedicated their lives to a career of public service. If you think you are qualified to meet the challenge of being a State Trooper, Motor Carrier Officer, or State Properties Security Officer, contact your nearest State Police recruiter for additional information.

Minimum Qualifications

Citizenship - Be a citizen of the United States at the time you take the written test.
Age - At least 21 years of age at the time of the written examination.
Education - High school diploma or GED equivalent.
Residency - Must be a Michigan resident prior to graduation from the Academy and produce signed documentation demonstrating the rental, lease, or purchase of a home or other domicile.
Conduct- Reputation must be above reproach; no felony convictions; satisfactory driving record.
Physical- Adequate physical condition to perform duties of a state trooper, including meeting prescribed vision and hearing standards.
License- Must have a valid Michigan driver's license prior to appointment to an academy.
Career Opportunities as a Michigan State Police Trooper

A wide variety of career opportunities are available to anyone who completes recruit school and is confirmed as a state trooper.

Criminal Investigation - Narcotics, Surveillance, Auto Theft, Organized Crime
Traffic Enforcement
Complaint Investigation
Specialized Assignments - Canine Handler, Emergency Support Team Member, Recruiter, DARE Officer,
Underwater Recovery Team Member, Youth Services Officer, Recruit School Instructor, Aviation, Motorcycle Detail, Lab
Enter a profession with a future!

Once you have served a minimum of five years, many opportunities await the qualified trooper:

Sergeant Shift Commander
Accident Reconstructionist
Detective Sergeant
Specialist Sergeant in the Uniform Services Bureau
Fire Marshal Division, or other support service roles
Management opportunities for enlisted officers within the department include:

Lieutenant and First Lieutenant
Mid-level managers are Inspector and Captain
The executive level managers are Major, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel

Contact our MSP Recruiting Section or your local Michigan State Police Recruiter, for further information.
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