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Alot of DWI's from what I hear, thats about it though besides moose sightings. Academy expected sometime 2005.

Join the Tradition!


For a career with . . . a future . . . job satisfaction . . . andpride!
Being a Maine State Trooper is a demanding, challenging and rewarding way of life,offering a wide array of exciting career opportunities to explore as you proudly serve thepeople of Maine.

From the day you apply to become a trooper you will have embarked on a great personalchallenge. Our exhaustive selection process and rigorous training academy has set national standards for excellence. Thereason is clear – only the finest men and women are good enough to wear the uniformand badge of the Maine State Trooper.

If you've been considering a law enforcement career and are self-reliant and highlymotivated with the self-discipline and desire to give us your level best, then you may bejust what we're looking for. For your future, apply to become one of Maine's finest in lawenforcement opportunities today.

It's Not a Job . . . It's a Way of Life!


Career Opportunities as a Maine State Trooper
A wide variety of career opportunities and paths are available to anyone who completesthe Maine State Police Academy and is confirmed as a State Trooper:


Child Abuse
Organized Crime

Rural Patrol
Interstate Patrol
Turnpike Patrol

Accident Reconstructionist
Basic Cadet School Cadre Member
Canine Handler
Community Policing Officer
DARE Officer
Emergency Medical Technician
Firearms Instructor
Hostage Negotiator
Recruit School Instructor
Tactical Team Member
Underwater Recovery Team Member

Once you have served as a trooper, many other opportunities for promotion await thequalified enlisted officer.

. . . Enter into a profession . . . with a future


Do You Qualify?
The Maine State Police is looking for qualified persons interested in joining the ranksof an elite group of men and women who have dedicated their lives to a career of publicservice. If you think you are qualified to meet the challenge of being a State Trooper,contact the State Police personnel office for additional information.

Applications for the Maine State Police can be obtained during an open enrollment period from:

Tina Silva
Department of Public Safety
Personnel Office, Station 104
500 Civic Center Drive
Augusta, Maine 04333

or telephone (207) 626-3816

Applications may also be obtained from any local job service center (during open enrollment).


The Basic Application Qualifications are:

Trooper applicants must be at least 21 years of age before the start of the academy.
Residents of Maine and non-residents may apply. But trooper applicants must become a resident of Maine and obtain a Maine driver's license as prescribed by law.
Applicants must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. issued by the State Department of Education (Applications with a G.E.D., must have completed G.E.D. before applying.
Applicants must possess a valid driver's license (Applicants may have an out of state driver's license as long as it is current and the applicant has complied with Maine residency laws).
Applicants must be in adequate physical condition to perform the duties of a State Trooper.

Applicants must have good moral character with a reputation above reproach. Applicants may not have a serious criminal or extensive motor vehicle record.
Must have a visual acuity correctable to 20/20 in each eye. Normal color discrimination, depth perception and field of vision of 170 degrees are required.
Applicants are required to furnish the following information:
Name, Address, Phone Number (Home & Work), Social Security Number, Driver's License Number (including State), and past employment record.
Other information to be supplied includes whether you have applied with this agency before, your date of birth, your race, sex, and any college degree and/or level of education (G.E.D. accepted).
Download Current Job Description Career Opportunity Bulletin

Applicants can mail their applications to:

Tina Silva
Department of Public Safety
Personnel Office, Station 104
500 Civic Center Drive
Augusta, Maine 04333


use this PDF form.

The above form is provided in Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF files are viewable with the Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free on the Web).

Be sure to tell the personnel officer where you got this information!
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