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State Trooper Hopes Daughter’s Legacy Will Prevent Drunk Driving

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DOUGLAS (CBS) - The knock on his door came early in the morning of October 2, 2011.
Massachusetts State Trooper Mark Robbins never dreamed it could happen to him.
Two of his supervisors, his best friend and his wife, were all waiting on his front step.
They told him his daughter Renee had been in a crash.
"It was literally like a ton of bricks hit you," Trooper Robbins explains.
Renee was just five weeks into her first year at Norwich University in Vermont, when she was killed by a drunk driver. She and friends had been at a party, and another student gave them a ride home. He claimed he hadn't been drinking, but once behind the wheel he began driving recklessly and the car slammed into a tree.
Renee was sitting in the front seat. She had no alcohol in her system. The driver fled the scene but was later caught. He also tried to run from the hospital twice. Police say he had nearly three times the legal blood alcohol level in his system.
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Stay strong Brother we are with you, always.
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