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We are looking for good people who want to work for a prestigious law enforcement agency.

No experience required, we pay you while we train you. You will be certified as a Level I Peace Officer through our training. Our training includes a mandatory 22 week State Patrol Academy, and 10 week Field Training Program. We do not have a Lateral Transfer Program, but all Law Enforcement Officers are encouraged to apply.

The Colorado State Patrol continuously accepts applications on a year round basis, with two academy classes a year, one in January and one in July.

At time of job offer, you will be given a choice of duty stations, click here to view our locations. We currently have openings where you can live and work in the Denver Metropolitan Area.

The mission of the Colorado State Patrol is to ensure a safe and secure environment in Colorado for all person by providing professional law enforcement through responsive, courteous, caring, and dedicated service.

The job of a State Trooper is:
• To enforce the traffic laws of the State of Colorado
• To interdict criminal activities on our highway
• To investigate motor vehicle crashes on the unincorporated roadways in the state
• To assist stranded motorist
• To be the first line of defense on our highway for Homeland Security
• To assist other law enforcement agencies when called upon
The Colorado State Patrol strives to be "First in Traffic Safety"

Pay and Benefits
The State of Colorado provides members with a retirement package through Colorado (Public Employees' Retirement Association) PERA, for more information, click here.

The following retirement options are available to Troopers:
• Retire at any age with 30 years of service.
• Retire at age 50 with 25 years of service.
• Retire at age 55 with 20 years of service.
• Early retirement at age 50 with 20 years of service (reduced benefits).
Retirement benefits are based on the highest average salary and years of service. The highest average salary is the average of the highest three twelve month earning periods in your career as a Colorado State Trooper.

Minimum Qualifications:
• Must be at least age 20 to apply and 21 at start of Academy
• Must have a High School diploma or G.E.D. certificate
• Have a valid Colorado Driver's License
• Vision must be unimpaired or correctable to 20/20
• No color blindness
• Unimpaired hearing
• No Domestic Violence Convictions
• No Felony Convictions
• No marijuana use in the past 12 months, three years for any other type of drug.
• Must be a Colorado resident to apply
Application and Selection Process
Phase I
If you fulfill the minimum qualifications, the first step is to fill out the initial application, "Form C", then mail the application to the Human Resource Office. The address is at the top of the form. Please allow three weeks for a reply from our Human Resources Office.

Your "Form C" will be screened for the minimum requirements. You will receive a letter in the mail from the Human Resource Office instructing you to pick up your self-certification packet from you local troop office. This packet is a life history questionnare. Everyone who turns in a packet is invited to take the written exam.

You will receive a letter from Human Resources instructing you to contact one of our five testing locations to schedule your written exam.
• Denver Metro
• Pueblo
• Durango
• Evans
• Montrose
The written test covers math, reasoning and reading comprehension.

Phase II
If you pass the written exam, you will be notified by mail and phone letting you know that you are moving on in the hiring process.

The next step will be a Background Investigation and a Polygraph Examination and your file will be reviewed for hire.

Phase III
You will be offered a job on condition you pass the following:
• Urinalysis
• Psychological Evaluation
• Physical Agility Test (five minute time obstacle course)
• Pass a medical examination in which you will arrange with you own doctor
Contact a Recruiter
For more information about being a member of the Colorado State Patrol, contact a recruiter by clicking here.

Job Fairs and Recruiting Events
For information about upcoming job fairs and recruiting events, click here or speak to a member of the Colorado State Patrol Selection Unit by clicking here.

Other helpful links:
Specialty Units
The Academy Website
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