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State Police staffing now at ‘severe levels,’ Patrick officials say

Discussion in 'State Police' started by kwflatbed, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. kwflatbed

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    By Michael Norton

    State House News Service / February 26, 2011

    BROCKTON — Launching a new State Police class in October would add 150 troopers to a force that has lost about 400 officers over the past five years.
    Patrick administration officials testifying at budget hearings in Brockton said there are about 2,100 State Police officers now, down from more than 2,500 in 2006.
    “We are down to some really severe levels,’’ said Mary Beth Heffernan, secretary of public safety. “We are at the point right now where it’s a problem and we need to get a class on.’’

    Patrick administration officials said the plans are contingent on the receipt of appropriations from the Legislature. Patrick, in his budget plan unveiled last month, proposed a $2.50 to $2.70 surcharge on auto insurance policies to fund a new class of State Police cadets.

    Administration officials expect as many as 200 more troopers to retire by the end of the current fiscal year.

    Full Story:
    State Police staffing now at ‘severe levels,’ Patrick officials say - The Boston Globe
  2. cc3915

    cc3915 MassCops Angel Staff Member

    Mary Beth Heffernan is an ass.
  3. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    If they can get all the funds to sustain their constituents life of crime they can get funds for us to manage them.
  4. irish529

    irish529 MassCops Member

    Hopefully he has some sort of plan for more than just one class of 150 recruits if more than that will retire by July. It makes it tough to play catch up when you've ignored a department for 6 years!:stomp:
  5. MSP75

    MSP75 Guest

    A very accurate assessment.

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  6. MSP75

    MSP75 Guest

    So true.
    That's like Satan saying Christianity is losing souls and wants to help spread the Word of God.
    Heffernan would be happy to have each SO take over the LE role in each defunct county.

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  7. Eagle13

    Eagle13 #FYPM

    Class of 150 means what? How many actually make it through to graduation?:banghead:
  8. irish529

    irish529 MassCops Member

    He probably just needs a photo of him at an RTT graduation for his book so that he can make it look like he tried to live up to adding 1000 new officers like he said he would.
  9. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

  10. jettsixx

    jettsixx Had enough

    Against my better judgment I read the comments, funny not one comment that said anything about cutting welfare or the free cell phones the state provides to the leaches. I did get a chuckle out of the comment that stated something about seeing the departed. Oh well next patrol I will do my part to "raise money for the state".
  11. 263FPD

    263FPD MassCops Angel

    150 cops on the street in his sixth year. Making good on your promise, Deval?

    So they'll hire 150 and retire 200. One step forward, two steps back.
  12. DoItNow22

    DoItNow22 MassCops Member

    I just read the comments and to be honest I found most of them comical! Its amusing how much people despise Law Enforcement because they thing all police do is issue tickets! Just shows you how people can be so damn ignorant!

    Their tune changes once they are calling 911 requesting assistance when Danny-Dirtbag is kicking in their back door! Screwballs!
  13. SgtAndySipowicz

    SgtAndySipowicz Supporting Member

    Well, we could have it worse. I found the following stats from "wikipedia" so I will "assume" that they are accurate. California: population of 37,252,956 with 7,300 Troopers/Highway Patrolmen. According to my calculator I believe that equals out to 1 Trooper per 5,103 citizens. New York: population of 19,378,102 with 4,667 Troopers. 1 Trooper per 4,152 citizens. Massachusetts: population of 6,547,629 with 2191 Troopers. 1 Trooper per 2,988 citizens.

    The real issue is ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS. The money is not there anymore for the free loaders. In an ideal world all entitlement programs would cease before going after public safety etc. I am sure that Gov Patrick will try and get 1 Trooper class in before leaving office. This way when he runs for a higher office he will claim in debates that he was for public safety blah blah. And the masses will probably buy it as they did with Obama.............
  14. BRION24

    BRION24 Supporting Member

    Heffernan said the administration has also looked consistently at the idea of consolidating the State Police and MBTA police forces.

    “It would not be a savings, no. We’ve looked at that proposal many times,’’ Heffernan said. She called it “too expensive to think about right now

    What would be the motivation to merge the MSP with the MBTA if it would be to expensive. I would imagine that the only reason they would think about doing it would be to save money.
  15. GARDA

    GARDA Subscribing Member

    We'll be lucky to get one RTT out of him.

    His deliberate neglect of the MSP is a result of spiteful politics, compounded by our State's fiscal reality.

    Not that he needed another reason to take a giant :poop: on the doorstep of the Commonwealth's law enforcement community, but SPAM's lack of support (non-endorsement) in both of Gov. Patrick's campaigns only gave him more pleasure to exclaim from high atop Beacon Hill...

    "Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to get along without it."
  16. 78thrifleman

    78thrifleman Smurf theft victim

    I usually don't take people's advice on ANYTHING. I typically read the comments and shorten my lifespan with anger. However, you can take some pride in the fact that I took your advice. It's my weekend off and I have NO desire to get my blood boiling. After having a 7.5 month unwanted vacation, I've decided I want to be generally happier in life.

    Anyway, thanks.

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    Yeah... that kind of an asshole comment to make. (not you Wolf)
  17. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    It would save the MBTA a lot of money because they wouldn't have to fund their own police would cost the state a lot more because it would have to foot 100% of the cost of patrolling the MBTA sites and at least the MBTA is partially funded from the fare costs.
  18. OfficerObie59

    OfficerObie59 Public Trough Feeder

    You know what? Just for that reason--fuck the 80th RTT.

    As long as it's not affecting safety, make the state suffer. Deval shouldn't be getting kudos for putting the class through at the same time hes engendering the anger of the public against MSP by adding an insurance fee in oder to make it happen.
  19. former cop

    former cop New Member

    Watching WBZ,news about the shortage, I went to MSP web site, dated 2/17/2011, those who recved a letter for an interview, fill out the application and bring it with you. Anyone get one yet?
  20. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    But how stupid it would be for troopers to ride trains.
  21. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    The largest obstacle to overcome might be the MBTA Police retirement.
    Most people don't realize it's tied into special Railroad retirement with 100% for surviving spouse and other benefits too long to list. NOTHING like absorbing the MDC and Capital piggies in 92 folks, lemme tell ya!
  22. Inspector

    Inspector Subscribing Member

    Wondering what happened to State Troopers when you don't hire any for an extended period as many retire is sort of like the pols. wondering why retirement systems are in trouble when they allow municipalities and states not pay their share into retirement funds for many years, use retirement money for other purposes. Then they turn around and ask the employees, who've paying all along, to put more money in while saying you have to limit benefits.
  23. Foxy85

    Foxy85 MassCops Member

    But he woul dbe netting "- 50" Troopers..... Makes perfect sense to me....:rolleyes:

    Offer early retirement (to the upper management), get the new hires (entry level guys) paying into the system at a higher percentage......

    Christ you could tell people that 25% of their pay is being allocated towards their retirement ( I believe I pay 8% right now, and I work with some 6 % er's) and you would still have thousands of people lined up to take the jobs.....

    The state is talking about offering Trial Court employees a one time $7,500 dollar bonus to retire ( they did this once before already). What is that maybe $4,500 after taxes. The state is really stupid. If people haven't retired already, you think they're going to jump at a whopping 5 grand in this crap economy. Might as well stay put and continue to make your full pay.

    How about telling these god damn judges to stop dismissing M/V Criminal charges on $100.00 Court costs. freakin' speeding tickets are more expensive. But operate after suspension and pay $100.00 - freakin' ridiculous....But I digress... For more opinion on how to fix the courts, see my piece on "Judge Losapio" a ways back.

    The fees added to insurance would punish everyone, rather than the knuckle heads.....

    I also learned that the new "$25.00" fee to appeal your citations (as of 01/01/2011) has to be payed directly to the R.M.V. to get a hearing date. If you don't, they won't forward your request to the courts.....More money being dumped into RMV coffers now.....Just an FYI.

    I've gone way off topic here, but its all relative. This state is so screwed up when it comes to handling its problems.....:banghead:

    I need a beer.:beer_yum:
  24. mpguy

    mpguy MassCops Member

    I made an attemt to level the playing field on the "comment section" in this article. I am not naive enough to think it will make much of a difference but.. im bored =)

    All of you "haters" FAIL to see how much the State Police are needed!!!!!!!!!! You all see big numbers on there paychecks but fail to understand the hours invested into there work. The troopers base salary MAXED OUT is only $70,000!!! Overtime/Details is how Troopers make there money. It's not like they reach a rediculous base salary. Check other states that have a cost of living like ours and there state police salaries, you may just retract your "there overpayed" statements. Am I hearing you all correctly? "We don't need the MSP". You all need to stop trying to sound well educated if you insist upon making stupid comments!
    Lets speak hypothetically for a moment. Say you are in a bad car accident in rural MA. Traffic quickly builds. 911 is called. Since you are in rural MA, the Primary Law Enforcement is the State Police of course. An ambulance is in route while traffic keeps growing. The ambulance finally arrives but can only WAIT in traffic because there was no Trooper in the area (because numbers are so low)to divert the traffic in order to open a free lane for the Emergeny responders. By the time the ambulance is able to get through traffic, you expire. All the while people in traffic complain about "how bad the traffic is" and make comments like "where the hell are the Police". How about when one of your loved ones fall victim to a home invasion? Keep in mind the response time sucks do to lack of man power. Or when a drunk driver kills your loved ones because the general public realizes state police man power is low leaving roads un-patrolled.
    The State Police are so understaffed that they are forced to work an extreme amounts of OT (thus givig them "nice pay") to keep these hypothetical situations from happening.
    I have also read a comment stating that some of the MSP task forces should be disbanded? When your kid gets hooked on heroin don't ask why it was so easy for him to get it "at such a young age".
    Point in case. You can bash the MSP all you want because you hold a grudge on Troopers for PROTECTING you and other motorist from violations of the law. The law protects all of us. The Troopers only enforce those Laws!
  25. mpguy

    mpguy MassCops Member

    Bahahahaha, the Herald ehh? It's ok if im banned. I only made the screen name to make that comment =)

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