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The star witness in a heartbreaking murder case of a 14-year-old boy gunned down over a Celtics [team stats] hat faces life behind bars for reportedly lying on the witness stand after prosecutors refused to cut him a deal over a pending firearm charge.
"We made no such deal. How could we?" Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said yesterday. "Da-Keem Galloway was killed by gun violence, and this defendant wanted a free pass on his own gun charge just for telling the truth.
"This isn't an episode of 'Let's Make a Deal,' " Conley said, "this is the murder of a child."
Kyrice Grady, 22, of Dorchester, indicted Tuesday for perjury, will be arraigned today in Suffolk Superior Court.
Grady was to testify last summer against Charon Ray, 21, regarding a tragically frivolous fight between Ray and Galloway. Even without his cooperation, Ray was convicted of first-degree murder and will spend the rest of his life behind bars.
Galloway was shot to death on June 10, 2004, in a squabble over his Celtics hat, which Ray wanted for his own. During a grand jury investigation, Grady testified he knew Ray and identified him from a photo array.
Then, on March 3, 2007, three months before Ray's trial, Grady was one of four men arrested in connection with shots fired in the vicinity of Charlame Street in Roxbury.
Conley said Grady "demanded favorable treatment" for his testimony against Ray and would "dummy up" if he didn't get his way.
True to his word, Grady told jurors he didn't know Ray, that he was not the person who initialed his lineup photo and that he was too stoned when he talked to the grand jury to remember anything he said.
But thanks to a revised state perjury statute signed into law in March 2006 as part of anti-gang legislation, prosecutors were no longer required to prove to jurors which of Grady's stories - what they were hearing or what he told the grand jury - was true.
"Fortunately," Conley said, "we were able to read his grand jury testimony to the trial jury, and that jury obviously credited it."
Grady, meanwhile, pleaded guilty last year to the gun charge and has been serving a sentence that would have ended today were it not for the new perjury charge.
"Now," Conley said, "he's looking at life in prison."
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