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Re: Reserve/Intermittent

SRR Traffic Safety Consulting
198 East Street
Easthampton, MA 01027-1212
413-527-6072 Office
413-527-3351 Fax
[email protected]

We are in the process of arranging a course entitled, Fundamentals of Crash Investigation for Reserve, Intermittent and Special Police Officers on the North Shore this fall. The course is designed to provide new officers with information that they need to know in order to more efficiently investigate motor vehicle crashes such as:

*What are the Sequence of Events of the Crash? *What are the Factors/Issues in Each Phase of the Crash? *Understanding "the Impending Impact Zone" *Human Factors of the Crash, Visibility Assessment *Estimating Vehicle Speed in a Crash Reconstruction *Vehicle Damage and Occupant Injuries * The Vehicle Inspection and Documentation of Damage *Headlamp Examination for ON/OFF Condition at Impact * Evidence from the Roadway *Photographic Evidence - What Photographs Should You Take? *Taking Effective Statements from Witnesses * Case Studies - Reviewing the Initial Crash Report

This course will be offered for $99.

For more information about this course, and others that will be presented in the future for part-time officers, please email us at [email protected]

If your department is interested in hosting a training course, please let us know as free training slots are provided to a hosting agency.
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