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Springfield Officer Shot

Discussion in 'Line of Duty Death News' started by PPD54, Jun 4, 2012.

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  2. Macop

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    kev8.jpg That was the Springfield sheraton
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  3. Macop

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  4. Johnny Law

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    Macop, I heard that WNEU also housed all the Boston PD officers so that they did not have to go home between the wake and funeral and reception. That was very awesome. I was glad to be there for your PD to send your brother officer to rest in peace.

    Additionally, to the air wing pilots, very cool flyover, timing was spot on!

    As I recovered from the day, I watched the evening news, ALOT of "man on the street" interviews that were supportive of the police.
  5. Kilvinsky

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    Thanks for sharing those.
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  6. Macop

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    Yea, the fly over was good, I wasnt expecting it.

    BLUE BLOOD ...---...

    Macop, Your Dept. handled the services extremely well, made the best out of a horrible situation. What got to me the most was one of your Officers thanking the entire column as we marched out of the cemetary, tears streaming down his face as he said "thank you for coming, thank you for the support".
  8. Macop

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    And I thank you as well. BTW did you make it to the get together we had for all the Officers?
  9. niteowl1970

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    Does anyone know if the Rev.Talbert Swan made an appearance ?
  10. Delta784

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    I had a function at my kids' school that if I missed it, my daughter would have been heartbroken, so I had to sit this one out.

    Great turnout and thanks for sharing the pics Macop.
  11. Macop

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    Family is important, I know you were here in spirit my freind.
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  12. Delta784

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    I was brother, I was.
  13. LGriffin

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    Killing of Springfield police officer Kevin Ambrose, wounding of Charlene Mitchell revealed in court documents

    Office Debra T. Rooke, who was the second car called in to the scene after several witnesses dialed 911, has been out on leave since the shooting and intends to return to the force around the one-year anniversary, Delaney said.
    Reached by phone, Rooke declined to discuss the tragedy.
    “I really can’t. For one because I’m a cop; and secondly, it took me almost a year to get over it. I really don’t want to go into it all over again,” she said.
    In a special report to the Springfield Detective Bureau, Rooke told her supervisor that she was dispatched to Lawton Street along with Ambrose just before 1 p.m. to assist in informing Bryan of a restraining order against him and amicably return his television.
    “At no time was I under the impression that any violence was expected,” she wrote.
    Rooke said she first used the rest room at a local credit union and checked the location of the apartment complex. Traveling down Wilbraham Road for a brief time, she realized she was headed in the wrong direction and turned around, according to her report. She also mistakenly cleared her police scanner and took a moment to re-set it, she told her superiors.

    This is enraging.
    Rest in peace, Kevin.
    Prayers for the unsung heroes who continued after being called off by someone who should do the right thing and pull the plug.
  14. Kilvinsky

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    I wish her loads of luck and my prayers are with her. This won't be easy for her, but she's giving it a try and that can take a lot of courage.
  15. LGriffin

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    Please keep his family and SPD in your prayers.
  16. LGriffin

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  17. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    That was nicely done. The media CAN do it right. Sad how often they chose not to. RIP Brother, you've not been forgotten.
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