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Spicy sauce used to rob two women

Police are hunting a man who smeared chilli or curry sauce in the face of a woman before an accomplice robbed her.
The 85-year-old was approached by the man and woman on 22 September in Boots in Fareham shopping centre, Hampshire.

The man smothered the victim's face with sauce while the woman stole her purse, which contained £300 in cash.

Police are linking the incident to a theft in Portsmouth where a woman was offered help to remove curry sauce and later found £500 had been stolen. The 83-year-old was approached by a couple in Commercial Road on 22 October who said she had something spilt on her and began wiping and patting down her back with tissues.

The couple then left the woman who later realised the money had been taken from her bag.
The man and woman are described as of Asian or Chinese appearance.
The man is between 30 and 40 years old and wore a black fleece and dark trousers, and the woman was taller than him and dressed all in black.

In the Fareham robbery, the man is described as of Eastern European appearance and wore a dark coloured jumper, a light coloured shirt, beige trousers and a beige peaked cap.
The woman is described as of oriental appearance, of slim build, with short hair and wearing a dark waist length jacket.

Pc Graham Harris said: "This is a planned robbery on a very vulnerable elderly female who was very shocked and confused. "We believe this incident is linked to one that happened in Portsmouth where the circumstances and description of the suspects is similar."

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That is something that we always bitched about in the jail. We were actually selling hot sauce to inmates in their canteen. It never happened, but if the inmates wanted, they could have squirted it in our faces using the plastic squeeze bottle that it was sold in. We should have just given them a can of OC.
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