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Special police questions (Rule 400 only)

Discussion in 'Boston' started by dennis, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. dennis

    dennis Guest

    What are the benefits? Do you get a raise each year? What is the starting pay? I read it is $16 to $17 to start. I am 19 when I turn 21 I will have 2 years of full time security experience. Will that help with the pay? I am definitely going to do the armed version not the unarmed. What are the duties? Please explain in full detail. Will this help in getting a job with a dept.?

    thanks guys
  2. quality617

    quality617 Subscribing Member

    You have to be hired by a private agency first. Rule 400 only allows you to be sworn as a special and exercise police powers on the property you're assigned to. It doesn't determine pay scale, benefits, or working conditions. That would be up to your employer.

    Research your employer first, however. Do a search of the forums here, or a Google search. Some of them who deal with Rule 400 employees have less than stellar reputations.

    Like any experience, it's all up to you how you carry it. Take it seriously, treat people respectfully, and it looks good on a resume. Lock up someone because they called you a name and offended your delicate sensibilities, then you may want to consider honing your burger-flipping skills instead.
  3. Nuke_TRT

    Nuke_TRT Stirrer of the Pot

    Rule 400 Specials work for various security companies in the Boston area. Pay rates and such are set by the contract they are working. Do your homework in regards to any company you are thinking of being employed by. There are some good, bad, and ugly out there.

    A lot of guys I know started as a special and got on other departments down the line. It is what it is. A job that will get your feet wet. Just remember what your authorities, are, and aren't.
  4. dennis

    dennis Guest

    Yea I did search special police on Google but the only thing that came up was the link to Boston police that explains rule400 and rule400a. Is Longwood a good company? What are the names of the other companies?
  5. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    "Boston Special Officer" is a status, not a job.....salary and benefits are set by the security company that employs you.
  6. niteowl1970

    niteowl1970 Moderator Staff Member


    You should ask your employer if you get Chapter 90 powers....

  7. DJM1968

    DJM1968 MassCops Member

    Longwood had it's good and bad points when I worked for them--but that's 10 years ago now, so I can't really give you a good idea of what they're like these days.

    As to other security companies--try this for starters:

    Boston Security and Guard Services Boston, MA
  8. csauce777

    csauce777 Supporting Member

    You're only 19. Don't bother with the armed course. You cant carry until you get your LTC at 21 anyway. There's way more useful things you can accomplish in those few years.

    Here's a start:

  9. MVS

    MVS Chapter 90 Enforcer

    Just my .02, I've heard Longwood has been declining rapidly in the past couple of years and have lost several contracts. Not sure how accurate that info is but thats the rumor I've heard.
  10. Simon

    Simon Guest

    when you say "special" police, do you mean like THIS?:

    [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNDlf6hA6TY"]YouTube- Retarded Policeman #9: Boobies![/nomedia]

    and thanks Nighttrain. If you didnt notice there are a SLEW more of these now. hahahaha
  11. jedediah1

    jedediah1 MassCops Member

  12. dennis

    dennis Guest

    What is Chapter 90 powers?
  13. csauce777

    csauce777 Supporting Member

    It's the holy grail of law enforcement, the thing for which every cop was ultimately created. Its the power you should strive for. You'll learn one day, grasshopper.
  14. niteowl1970

    niteowl1970 Moderator Staff Member

    It's a special chapter of Massachusetts State Law that enables you to suspend the 1st, 4th, and 5th amendment to the federal constitution in order to make an arrest. This chapter can only be used by qualified officers that have been through a MPTC or SSPO academy and graduated in the top quarter of that class.
  15. dennis

    dennis Guest

    Whats the reputation for specials? Are they a good group of guys to work with or are they jerks?

    Whats the hiring process? You apply and get accepted. Then you take the training courses. Then take a test and if you pass you get assigned a section of the city right?
  16. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

  17. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    A pain in the ass.
  18. Mass

    Mass MassCops Member

    I agree!!!! Too many stupid questions even after others have given him enough info to figure it out for himself. He states that he is 19yrs old, not 9 yrs old WTF
  19. Nuke_TRT

    Nuke_TRT Stirrer of the Pot

    Well then he will have two years to figure it out, since he won't be able to get hired until 21 for most of the armed special jobs.
  20. niteowl1970

    niteowl1970 Moderator Staff Member

    He could always move to the Congo and get issued an AK-47 and a Stone Cold Steve Austin T-shirt.

  21. dennis

    dennis Guest

    what the heck i am just asking questions here! jeeze u people are jerks! forget masscops i don't even want to be a cop in this lame state.
  22. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Translation = I can't become a cop in this lame state.

    See ya, dennis.....there are about 10,000 people willing to take your place on the list.
  23. dennis

    dennis Guest

    Ummm i could care less i am planning on moving to another state anyways. This state sucks and is full of lame liberals. And also come on vets go ahead of everyone else? wat the heck? just because they served in the military makes them special? wow the mass civil service system is stupid
  24. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Yes dennis, those of us who deployed to a combat zone, took enemy fire, risked our lives, spent significant time away from our families, and lived to talk about it, get absolute preference on the CS test.

    Either join the armed forces to get the same preference, or shut the fuck up.
  25. dennis

    dennis Guest

    omg i don't even want to serve this country especially under the usurper osama. delta don't complain remember u volunteered! i have no problem with the Vietnam vets cause they were forced in unlike u.

    By the way i could care less that u saw enemy fire, spent some time away from family. I spent some time away lest see going to high school that was umm 7 hours. working 8 hours. so yea i qualify too.

    I actually wanted other specials to reply to my post cause they know about it more than u do

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