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Space smells like fried steak and hot metal

SPACE smells like fried steak and hot metal according to astronauts so NASA has paid a chemist to recreate the odours on Earth.

The space agency has commissioned Steven Pearce of British fragrance firm Omega Ingredients to recreate the smells to help train astronauts.

"We have a few clues as to what space smells like. First of all, there were interviews with astronauts that we were given, when they had been outside and then returned to the space station and were de-suiting and taking off their helmets, they all reported quite particular odours.

"For them, what comes across is a smell of fried steak, hot metal and even welding a motorbike, one of them said."

Mr Pearce recreated the smell of the Mir space station for an art exhibition and when NASA heard about this they asked him to get on board with their training program.

"We have already produced the smell of fried steak, but hot metal is more difficult," he said.

"We think it's a high energy vibration in the molecule and that's what we're trying to add to it now.",23599,24510523-13762,00.html
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