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Southland (Caution! Spoiler Alert)

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Literature' started by Big.G, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    *addtl units NOT necessary

    Left out a word and screwed the whole thing up. Let that be a lesson to you new guys:wink_smile:
  2. csauce777

    csauce777 Supporting Member

    Yep, 4 = code 4, situation under control. Pretty much state wide out there.

    Similar when compared to the Mass version: "You need anothah Cahh there? No, I'm all set." ;-)
  3. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    You got it, although we don't use it with our hands nearly as much as they do on the show, it's mostly a radio code to slow down other responding units.

    We also don't use the 10-code like many other local agencies do, i.e., CHP, LASD, etc. We have our own codes; we also don't use the military alphabet, we use our own and have been for years before I came on, although I don't know why.
  4. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Adam-12 has a much better ring to it than Alpha-12...

    Hand signal stood out because it was always palm out.
  5. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    ---------- Post added at 01:23 ---------- Previous post was at 01:17 ----------

    I had to DVR the show and just now got to watch it. Those are real gangsters in the show, just like most of the background officers are real officers. That was also the real Rampart police station they were walking out of when the off-duty FTO gave the probationer a dressing down.

    I worked the Rampart gang unit for three years and can tell you that's what Hispanic gangsters really look and act like out here. But that's what makes the job that much more fun! I've got 22 years doing this job and still love it out here! (It's also nice that it was 76 degrees here today!)

    I too was surprised with the ending. Obviously there were a lot of tactical issues with that incident but hey, "it's just a TV show."
  6. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    After shovelling out my and my wife's cars this morning, AGAIN, please don't be offended if I call you a Son of a Bitch. :redcarded:

    But I do take heart in knowing that the SNOW will melt, but all that mud cascading down the hillsides in LA won't.

    Whew, I feel much better now. Now I'M the son of a bitch!:rolleyes:
  7. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    Code 4 = guys dead
  8. Dazy5

    Dazy5 Filling Female Quota

    My favorite thing about watching this show is coming on here after and checking LA Copper's comparisons to the real thing.
  9. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    Hi Kilv,

    No problem, I completely understand. I did the snow thing for 26 years before I moved out west and will be doing it again when I retire and move back there so I can empathize. Plus, I don't live near a hillside so the mudslides are interesting to watch.

    Another good thing about the year-round nice weather is that crime doesn't stop. Where the snow and freezing temps will at least slow it down a little back there, we don't have that same issue out here so we're constantly on the go, which I like. I'm sure PBL in Florida can relate.

    I must say, the vast majority of the native west coasters out here are wimps, including my coworkers. The temps go down to the low 50s at night and they're all freezing. I'm still in short sleeves and laughing at them. They don't know cold like my fellow masscops folks do.

    Another good thing about the nice weather is we don't have to spend our uniform allowance on gloves, hats, heavy winter jackets, etc. As opposed to chits or accounts at the local uniform shop like many of you guys get, we get an actual check for our uniform allowance. We like that!

    If anyone's looking to get away from the snow and cold this Winter, I'd be happy to show you around the area, including where some of these episodes were taped.
  10. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    LACopper, I bought TWO Spiewack (I dont' know how to spell that) coats. A 2X and a 3X. I put the 2X liner under the 3X top coat and I'm comfy as hell! I'm just glad my department paid for both, and then some.

    Thanks for being understanding in my statements about the mudslides. The ONLY good mudslides are provided by TGIFs! Or made at home.

    I have a friend that worked LAPD (from Whitman) who went Cal. State Police then CHP. He seems quite content out there, though granted he's in the Sacramento area now. I just wish my wife hadn't thrown away his Christmas Card before I could write down his e-mail address.

    Basically, I understand those who left HERE for THERE and I don't blame any of you for doing it. This area is tough.:unsure:

    Lastly (Yeah, I know, I went off topic a bit) good for you for holding on to your NEW ENGLAND roots when it comes to the weather. Show 'em you have balls. Show 'em you are man enough to take it. Laugh at them............but not so much as they'll blow you off during an OT call! THAT would NOT be cool!
  11. Andy0921

    Andy0921 MassCops Member

    Haven't seen Southland in quite a while. I'll have to see if it's on NetFlix and catch up.
  12. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    You can go to the TNT website and watch episodes there.
  13. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Hope we get to see Sammy spread some sanctioned Hate and Discontent on the ghetto tonite.
  14. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    Well, once again I missed it. For good reasons not just forgetfulness, but should have remembered to DVR it. Oh well. I'll take LA Coppers advice and look for it on TNT tonight.
  15. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Liked the obvious "OJ" plot, only they fictionalized it by making him caucasian and innocent.
  16. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Cooper gets outta bed annnnd... Ewww.

    I was hoping Sammy was gonna lay more of a beating down last night. Oh well...
  17. Dazy5

    Dazy5 Filling Female Quota

    I was surprised they didn't do the funeral.
  18. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    Me too. I like the show but as with every TV show, there's always gonna be some things that we don't like or that aren't accurate.

    For instance, Sammy came back to uniform patrol wearing a goatee. That is not allowed here. Also, Cooper and Ben would not have left their post to handle a basic radio call. But like I said, it's a TV show.

    It's still kinda cool to see a lot of guys I know in the background of each show playing uniformed officers. It kinda adds a bit of realism to the show.
  19. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    Yeah, I recognized that last season but I could do WITHOUT them expounding upon it any further.:redcarded:
  20. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    Of course if you worked for the LCPD or the SCPD you could do an entire case, from formulation until conclusion (investigation, witness protection, prosecution, etc) without anyone saying anything! And you wouldn't have to write a single report!

    GO ROOKIES! GO TJ HOOKER! Post? We doan need no stinkin' POST!:smug:
  21. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    I remember The Rookies, that was a cool show for it's time. I also liked watching Hooker, he's pretty darn good with a PR-24!
  22. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    As for "The Rookies" after the first season it dawned on me (and I was still just an innocent teen) "Why the hell do they put two fresh out of the Academy guys together and since there's a third, he rides alone? No one to break them IN?"

    As for TJ Hooker and a PR-24, Brother, SHATNER is good at EVERYTHING! He's the less celebrated Chuck Norris...minus the martial arts of course.
  23. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    Ok, so I watched Southland last night. At first I put on "Detroit 1-8-7" but within seconds of the jumpy camera and attempt at being 'edgy' I decided I wasn't interested. I grew to dislike "NYPD Blue" (as I've said ad nauseum) and this is a clone, nothing more, nothing less. Then I discovered that "Southland" was on. I KEEP FORGETTING! So I watched that.

    I got angry at one point after the lengthy foot chase and Sherman cursing out Cooper. I mean, I would NOT last as long as Cooper so I was a little offended that this young guy would chase this douche so far and so hard and expect his partner, who he KNOWS has a bad back and is getting older, to keep up. Yeah, I did get angry.

    Then I saw the episode from last week this morning, better late than never. The anger made more sense.

    But still, in this day and age, just how many of us (Let's be honest people) could keep up with that kind of foot chase?

    This show continues to keep me interested. Not many cop shows do after the first season. It's refreshing.
  24. csauce777

    csauce777 Supporting Member

    Was detective what's-her-face back to work already despite the shooting she was in last episode? I hate when shows have officers involved in shooting and they're back beating the streets the same episode. We all know they put you through the ringer and make you sweat for a while before clearing you. :)
  25. 47turksinajar

    47turksinajar MassCops Member

    Someone has to drive the car, you can't just leave it on the side of the road
    I can keep my own :thumbs_up:

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