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Southland (Caution! Spoiler Alert)

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Literature' started by Big.G, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. USM C-2

    USM C-2 MassCops Member

    I have an acquaintance who is a Sergeant out of least last time we chatted he was running a small unit that went after warrant arrests there. Years ago went to visit family and did a ride-along when he was a road sergeant in Southwest, I think it was. At the time I think he was 17-L-40. At the time LAPD had partly gone to digital radios and my then-dept. was considering it so he brought me into the dispatch center at City Hall Annex to listen in on a division using them. They were still figuring out the bugs to make it work, but the road guys had been thrown into the deep end regardless.

    Also took She Who Must Be Obeyed to meet him for lunch at the Academy in Chavez Ravine, really nice place.
  2. JMody

    JMody Special...

    Glad they added some visual to the show with Lui.
  3. OCKS

    OCKS Guest

    So Mary, you're telling us your son is Jesus Christ, you must be very proud. LOL
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  4. JMody

    JMody Special...

    I haven't gotten to watch the last episode yet. Saw that on the preview tho. Lmao.
  5. corsair

    corsair Guest

    Great episode.
  6. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    You're right, the digital radios were giving us problems when we first switched over. If he was 17L40, then he was working Devonshire. Southwest would be 3L40. The Academy across the street from Dodger Stadium has been there since the early 1930s. It's shown on cop shows all the time. Last week's episode of Southland was there.

    This past episode was pretty good. For a police show, Southland is still pretty good, even if they do get some of their ideas from past epidodes of COPS.
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  7. SgtAndySipowicz

    SgtAndySipowicz Supporting Member

    The neck biting scene was fucked up! You should have saw my wife's face, priceless.........
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  8. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    Yeah, I thought he was biting his ear off too. Nasty.
  9. fra444

    fra444 MassCops Member

    My issue with the show lately is, why the hell do they desert their partner every time they bail out on foot?????? If I'm lucky enough to have a partner and we start running we're staying together! (Well we'll stay together as long as I can keep up LMFAO)
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  10. USM C-2

    USM C-2 MassCops Member

    My bad... Google is my friend. It was Southeast, he was 18L40. Though our ridealong seemed to go pretty much wherever he felt like. I remember 77th Street to see the jail, Florence & Normandie, among other, ahem, high spots.

    He was also the one to tell me about "Shootin' Newton," which I thought was one of the best nicknames for a patrol area I ever heard.
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  11. USM C-2

    USM C-2 MassCops Member

    She Who Must Be Obeyed was yelling at the TV "Nothing better happen to John or I'm not watching it anymore!"
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  12. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Maybe Shawn will show Ben how to slap a mag into an AR, causing the bolt to operate...

    PS... I already know what your response will be hahaha...
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  13. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    The producers killed any chance of a cliff hanger however when they showed "Next week on...." and you clearly see Cooper RUNNING. "Is he OK?" was immediately replaced by, "Ok, so it wasn't as serious as they made it out to be."

    I kept hoping the camera man would boot the biter, but I know deep down it wasn't happening. It WAS fun to see him pushed out of the way and OVER a car.

    So, I finally watched LAST Tuesday's today. I guess we now know why Lucy Liu has been listed as "guest star" or however they put it.
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  14. corsair

    corsair Guest

    Yes Special Guest Star. This one is not going to be pretty. Her back story is taking a downward spiral.
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  15. USM C-2

    USM C-2 MassCops Member

    Finally watched it last night as well. What did Coop see? SWMBO and I were tossing ideas back and forth, and it wasn't until Tang dropped the red plastic tip in the dish that we realized it.

    Shit. That one's gonna come back to haunt her.
  16. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    I would have thought it woulda been a clean shoot even with the tip attached.
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  17. JMody

    JMody Special...

    Stuff you have saved?
  18. JMody

    JMody Special...

    I would think so. She was chasing an armed suspect wearing essentially the same clothes. This kid comes around the corner pointing a gun..... My guess is they still find it a clean shoot, but she ends up getting canned for conduct unbecoming or something.
  19. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    You're right fra. In real life, it is LAPD policy not to split up during a foot pursuit. If they end up in some type of use of force, especially an OIS, and it's found that they had split up, they would be adminstratively in trouble because it's not safe and not the best use of resources.
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  20. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    You're correct, because of the totallity of the circumstances, it would indeed be a good shoot.
  21. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Its often not the act itself that jams you up, its the cover-up. At that point you've essentially admitted you knew what you did was wrong. Under the circumstances I think she'd be cleared, but that tip will do her in. Its not clear if Cooper could see what she was doing, or if he what she was doing just appeared suspicious. That's the second episode with a toy gun with an orange tip.

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  22. USM C-2

    USM C-2 MassCops Member

    Yup, it's the cover-up that will get tucked up her ass sideways.

    The shoot itself was, quoting either Commonwealth vs. Kline or Graham vs. Connor (it's been a *LONG* time...) merely an 'unfortunate accident.' It was in fact reasonable to shoot, though the victim was innocent. Hiding evidence to make yourself look better is going to make it look like you had something to hide.

    Not gonna end well for the astronauts favorite orangey drink...
  23. Big.G

    Big.G In Tactical Mode....

    Took you that long to realize it? Between the camera focusing on the toy gun after the shooting showing the orange tip, then the mother screaming "I told him not to take that orange tip off!" and then Cooper asking Tang what she was doing at his feet when he got there prompting the response "I was securing the weapon," it seemed pretty clear to me what happened before it got to that point.
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  24. JMody

    JMody Special...

    I thought it was obvious what was going on when they focused in on the tip and then she was moving around down there when Coop came around the corner. Actually, if I remember correctly, they showed the gun on the ground right after from Coop's view and you could see that the tip was gone.
  25. gm7988

    gm7988 MassCops Member

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