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Southborough man charged in chopsticks beating
By Michelle Muellenberg / News Staff Writer

SOUTHBOROUGH -- A 45-year-old Southborough man was arrested Thursday evening after police said he beat his 11-year-old daughter with chopsticks and tried to choke her with the sleeve of a sweatshirt.

The father, Jin Liang, claims he was using "Chinese discipline" to scold her for breaking school rules, according to authorities.

Arraigned yesterday in Westborough District Court on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, Liang was released on $2,000 cash bail and was not prohibited from returning to live with his family.

Police went to the Liangs' 6 Bay Path Lane home after the girl, crying hysterically, called 911.

The girl said her father had hit her and tore her dress and that she was bleeding.

Southborough Officer Ryan Newell questioned the daughter upstairs, while Sgt. Sean James and Officer Heath Widdiss spoke with Liang and his wife Shi Shuanghe downstairs.

The girl was crying when she offered her account.

The girl said she came home from school and her father was already home. Her mother came in and began to yell at her because the principal had called about the girl.

Liang became enraged, walked across the room and had the girl kneel down next to him.

He grabbed chopsticks and began to hit her over the head with them. The girl put her hands up in self-defense and then fell backward.

Liang kicked her and continued to hit her on her head with the chopsticks. He then ordered his daughter to her room.

The girl's mother, Shuanghe, went up the room and told her why they were angry. Liang then came up to the room, ordered Shuanghe out and closed the door.

The girl said her father again hit her, slapped her and ripped the bottom lace of her red dress. Liang then threw his daughter onto the floor and continued the beating.

The 11-year-old said her father then grabbed a blue Gap hooded sweatshirt and used the sleeve to choke her. Liang put the sleeve around her neck and tightened.

The girl cried out for her mother, who came into the room. Her father stopped the attack.

During the interview, Newell wrote that he noticed puncture marks on her bottom lip from her braces.

Newell interviewed the girl again at the station as well as the mother.

The girl's accounts of the night were the same, and the mother said she was not in the room to witness anything, records said.

Both refused to take out restraining orders on Liang.

When asked what happened, Liang told James when he came home from work his wife told him that his daughter misbehaved as school, records said.

Liang said he hit his daughter a little, ripped her dress and struck her in the face. James told Liang that he could not punch his daughter, to which Liang replied, "I used Chinese discipline."

Officers called the state Department of Social Services, which will conduct an investigation over the next 10 days, according to DSS spokesman Michael MacCormack. The court has issued a no abuse order, he said.

The girl will remain in the home with her mother, grandparents and her father, MacCormack said.

"Right now we feel the girl is home and the family can keep her safe," he said. "If we felt the girl was in immediate danger, we would remove her."

During the next 10 days, DSS will speak with the family, school and medical provider to determine what happened, MacCormack said.

"If we support the allegations, we'd open the case for at least another 45 days," he said.

Liang's attorney, Earl Titlebaum of Hopkinton, said Liang is not denying the charges.

"He got out of control and realized it and acknowledged he needs a little bit of anger management training," Titlebaum said.

When asked if the claims in the police report were accurate Titlebaum said, "Let's just say there were some chopsticks involved. I wouldn't use the word 'beat.' It was what he thought was discipline.

"It may not be considered discipline here in the United States...he acknowledged it got out of control and it was wrong."

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chop-sticks......... sounds similar to shod foot.

DSS? oh yeah, this is going somewhere.
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