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The South Bend Police Department accepts applications throughout the year and has an average of ten to fifteen position openings per year. To be considered for employment a completed application should be turned in to the Training Bureau.

1. Applicants will be notified by mail on the dates of the initial written examination.

2. Applicants who pass the written test will be notified to participate in the physical fitness test.

3. Successful completion of the physical fitness test will place the applicant in a large hiring pool of other qualified applicants. Factors that will enhance an applicant's competitiveness are: Fluency in a second language, some college education or an earned degree from an accredited 2 or 4 year college or university, experience within the criminal justice system (either through volunteer work, employment, or a college internship program), or military service.

4. Applicants continuing in the selection process will then be scheduled for an interview in front of an Oral Interview Board and complete a personal interview.

5. Successful applicants will then undergo a thorough background and criminal history check. An applicant must not have any felony convictions or any misdemeanor conviction which could prevent the applicant from carrying a firearm. An applicant must not have a history of criminal activity, improper conduct, a poor employment, military, or driving record which would affect your suitability for law enforcement work.

6. After the successful completion of the background check, an applicant will be required to submit to a polygraph examination, meet basic standards as set by professional psychological testing, and a physical examination as required by the State Pension Board

An applicant is hired as a police probationary officer by the Department and is required to complete a 15 week basic training course at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Plainfield, Indiana. After returning from the academy the new officer will be paired with a field trainer/patrol officer and will be assigned to several shifts to continue training in a nine week Field Training Program. The new officer must successfully complete this field training program before being assigned to a permanent shift. The base salary is $34,504 with a take home squad car, in-car laptop computer, and numerous other benefits.

For a brochure or an application please contact the South Bend Police Department Training Bureau at 574-235-9224.

The South Bend Regional Training Academy offers seminars and specialized training for area law enforcement agencies. Most seminars are available free of charge to officers providing their police departments are members of the regional academy. Departments may join the academy by submitting a fee based on the following scale:
Large Departments (100+ officers) $600.00 per year
Mid-Large Departments (30 to 99 officers) $500.00 per year
Small-Medium Departments (13 to 29 officers) $400.00 per year
Small Departments (1 to 12 officers) $300.00 per year


The Training Bureau provides in-service training for Police personnel. State certification for all police officers requires 16 hours a year of on-going law enforcement related training. The Training Bureau also supervises the Field Training Program which has the responsibility of training and evaluating probationary officers.

For further information please call the Training Bureau at 574-235-9224
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