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Application may be completed on computer but must be printed, signed and mailed to us. We cannot accept electronic applications as we must have a paper copy that is signed by the applicant.


Each applicant must successfully complete the following:

*Written Examination

*Physical Agility Test

*Oral Board Evaluation

*Psychological Evaluation

*Medical Examination

*Complete Background Investigation

*Final Selection

Physical Requirements:

*At least 21 years of age

*Eyesight 20/70 in both eyes correctable to 20/20

*Hearing normal, or corrected to or near normal

*Free from speech defect

*Physically capable of handling combative situations

Education Requirements:

*Graduate from an Accredited High School or completion of the G.E.D.

*Two years of college (60 semester hours) preferred or work experience in a related field

Residing Requirements:

*Citizen of the United States

*Resident of the State of Kentucky after employment


*Stable employment record

*Good credit rating

*Good driving record

*Kentucky Drivers License required

*No criminal convictions or pending charges

*Addiction to or use of drugs, or excessive use of alcohol will disqualify

*An honorable discharge if a veteran of the Armed Services

*Professional demeanor requiring high moral standards


*$21,000.00 starting Police Officer

*$24,100.00 after successful completion of Basic 16-week Training Academy, which includes the State Incentive

*Up to $2,000.00 for those persons having over 120 college hours, or pro-rated for amount of

completed college hours

*$1,000.00 increase after successful completion of academy and FTO program.

Training Requirements:

*Successfully complete a 16-week (640 hours) Training at the Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond, KY

*Complete 14 weeks (560 hours) of strenuous Field Training after attending the Department of Criminal Justice Training, and passing all written and practical examinations

*Departmental Training (i.e.)

1. Firearms

2. C.P.R.

3. First Aid

*Successfully complete one year probationary period for new Recruits


*20 year Kentucky Hazardous Duty Retirement

*3 weeks paid vacation

*Home fleet vehicle for city resident

*Medical Insurance paid for the employee by the City of Somerset

*Dental Plan

*Prescription Card

*Educational and training incentives

*Annual clothing allowance

*Court and overtime pay

*Holiday pay

*Shift differential pay

*Life insurance

*Kentucky Deferred Compensation Program after 6 months of employment
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