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By Marc Munroe Dion
Herald News Staff Reporter
Posted Aug 05, 2008 @ 04:55 PM

Somerset -
Armand Cabral is the Police Department's newest lieutenant.
Cabral, a member of the department since 1983, has been a sergeant for six years. He was promoted to lieutenant on Wednesday.
"He's been the acting shift commander when the lieutenant has been off duty; he's been in charge of Breathalyzers and motorcycles," said Police Chief Joseph C. Ferreira.
The lieutenant's job has been open for three years, ever since Ferreira was promoted.
"Lieutenant Cabral is extremely diligent and hardworking," Ferreira said. "When you give him a job, you never have to go back and correct his work."
The next personnel shake-up at the Police Department will involve a new command officer for the detective division.
Ferreira said he will name one of his department's lieutenants to the post in the division.
The Police Department budget approved at the annual town meeting in May contains enough money to pay for the increases in salary that come with the promotions.
The Police Department's detective division currently has two officers, but Ferreira wants to see three officers in the division.
When the new appointment is made, it will be the first time in its history that the detective division has had three officers.
Ferreira said he has wanted to have a lieutenant, a sergeant and a patrol officer in the division for a long time. The detective division investigates robberies, drug crimes, sexual assault and burglary.
The promotions are from within and no new officers are being added to the 32-member police department in which all positions are filled.
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