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Soldier 'exiled' for rap whinge

A SOLDIER'S attempt to set his complaints about dilapidated barracks and broken promises to rap has earned him a tour date in remote far east Russia.

With a soundtrack of Eminem's Stan a Russian army lieutenant has posted his grievances on RuTube, the Russian equivalent of YouTube, the BBC reports.

In the video, titled A letter to the minister of defence, the disgruntled junior officer takes viewers on a short tour of his living quarters in St Petersburg and shows off peeling wall paint above his bed, mouldy showers and a wildly-spraying bathroom sink faucet.

The man then reads out his email to the Russian defence minister, which asks why mortgages promised to soldiers to buy decent places to live haven't materialised and wonders why he hasn't received replies to his previous correspondence.

His superiors apparent reaction to the musical missive could perhaps be best summed up by another Eminem hit, Lose Yourself.

The petitioner has been posted to Ussuriysk, a coal mining town with a military school some nine hours flying time from Moscow.,23599,24430537-13762,00.html
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