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Plan Hits Last-Minute Snag

Video: Children Surprised To See Father Wearing Santa Suit

SALEM, N.H. -- A soldier who just returned home surprised his family Thursday by disguising himself as Santa Claus.

Sgt. Andrew Dixon arrived in New Hampshire on Wednesday, but he didn't tell his wife and two children. Instead, he traded in his camouflage for Santa's red suit to surprise them the next day.

"I'm planning on trying to surprise her," Dixon said. "She saw it on TV one time, and we talked about it. She thought it was nice, husbands surprising their wives and, I thought, I'll surprise her, you know?"
Dixon was going to switch places with the Santa at the Mall at Rockingham Park. His wife, Christina, who works at the mall, and their two children would come down for pictures and Dixon would be in the chair.

But there was one wrinkle. Christina Dixon had left the mall and had to be tricked into returning.

In the end, his children, Nate and Teleyah, were a little stunned to see that Santa was actually Dad. Christina Dixon said she was just happy her husband was home.
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