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Smugglers dig underground tunnel

Police in China have discovered a 600 metre underground tunnel connecting two homes that's thought to have been used for cross-border smuggling.
It was found after the Guangdong Border Security Department received a tip-off that smuggling was taking place in a refuse centre in Luohu district, Shenzheng city.
The area borders the Hong Kong Autonomous Region, where electronics products are much cheaper than in mainland China, according to the Guangzhou Daily.
Police found a house built in an old container in the refuse centre and in the container home they discovered a 1.8m deep pit under a mattress.
A 12cm diameter PVC tube inside the pit was apparently being used to smuggle small but expensive electronic products such as cell phones and computer hardware.
Police believe smugglers were transferring the products from Hong Kong through the tube and then selling them in mainland markets.
Eight people have been taken into custody and the case is currently awaiting court trial, with a case value equivalent to more than £450,000.
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