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The widow of a slain Houston police officer has filed a lawsuit against the store that sold the murder weapon, KPRC Local 2 reports.
It's been two years since Officer Rodney Johnson was killed while making a traffic stop.
"The pain is always there. It is easier as time goes on," widow Joslyn Johnson said.
Juan Quintero, a Mexican citizen, was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison for shooting Johnson in the head while sitting in the back seat of the officer's patrol car.
"This man was a child molester. He'd been deported. He shouldn't have been in possession of a gun," said Johnson.
Johnson is suing Carter's Country, the gun shop where her attorney said Quintero got his weapon.
"He went to the store with another person, pointed out the gun he wanted and the other person bought it for him. It was illegal for the store to sell the gun in those circumstances," attorney Ben Dominguez said.
"I want the gun industry to be aware you have to be careful," said Johnson. "You can't just sell guns to felons."
Johnson said she doesn't want to take away people's right to bear arms.
"I do believe in the second amendment right to carry weapon and bear arms for personal protection, but this was not for protection," she said.
Carter's Country lawyers refused to comment on the lawsuit or the allegations against the store.
Some customers said the store should not be to blame.
"I think the person who shot the guy should be held responsible for his death," customer Jacobi Jones said.
The lawsuit asks for damages that resulted from Johnson's death, including lost wages and mental anguish.

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