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Skateboarding dog is a web hit

Forget walkies - this dog prefers skaties. Tillman the English bulldog has become an internet sensation - after learning to skateboard.
The little brown mutt can ride on three legs and kick with the other before jumping on.
He can even tackle ramps and weave in and out of pedestrians at speeds faster than his owner can run.
And when he comes a cropper, he coolly flips the board over with a paw.
'He absolutely loves it and just whizzes around,' said owner Ron Davis, who claims 4million people have seen his pet's antics on the web.
The three-year-old started skating when he was just six weeks old.
'As he has grown and got stronger he has picked up speed,' said Mr Davis, from California.
Tillman now has to skate in secret to avoid the crowds.
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