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Greetings all,

Well it's time to dangle that carrot on the stick again.

They POLS want our votes this fall, and we still want the money they rightfully owe us for doing our jobs and holding up our end of the contract.

Any bets to see if yet another Republican Gov vetos our line out of the budget..again?

NOTE: the below message was sent to me (and others) with no time date stamp on it.

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From: "Mullin, Andrea" <[email protected]>

Subject: re: retro pay


I write with great news! Last night, the House and Senate passed a
supplemental budget (supp) that includes money for a portion of the
retroactive pay owed to higher education workers! Specifically, the supp provides that workers be paid by November 19 the amount owed to them for the period 7/1/03 - 12/31/03. While long delayed, the appropriation of this money is still an important victory for our members -- who have been so persistent about calling their legislators about this issue. It proves once again that the kind of grassroots advocacy so many of you have been so persistent about -- even when you felt discouraged -- is precisely what will work. Congratulations to all of you!

Now, onto the next step. The bill passed both the House and Senate last night, and is presently on the Governor's desk. The Governor has 10 days to either sign the bill or veto it in its entirety or portions of it. It is possible for him to sign most of the bill, but veto our appropriation. So, it’s important that we really push the Governor to sign this appropriation. Therefore, it's critical that members call the Governor's office and urge him to sign our appropriation. I would encourage folks to talk about (as specifically as you can) how much your family needs this money and how patient you've been in waiting for it. Feel free to remind the Governor that he gave raises to managers about a year ago, and that you need raises for the same reasons they did. Do not be discouraged if you are given an unfriendly or perfunctory response. The important thing is to log as many calls as possible, so forge on ahead no matter what kind of response you get.

Here's the info you need:

* Governor's phone number -- 617/725-4000
* Line Item appropriation numbers - 1599-4123 and 1599-4124. These are the two line items that contain the funding. You can mention these line items if you want, although you don't necessarily have to. But you should have the information in case you're asked.

Let me know if you have any questions. As always, thanks for all your hard work!

In Solidarity,


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Thanks Mitt!

Romney vetoes $76 million, including retroactive pay for state college
By Steve Leblanc, Associated Press, 9/17/2004 18:19


BOSTON (AP) Gov. Mitt Romney on Friday vetoed about $76 million from a proposed $724 million mini-budget approved by state lawmakers last week, including $32 million for retroactive pay raises for state employees at public colleges and universities.

Other vetoes included $15 million in additional Medicaid spending, $5 million for first-time homebuyer assistance for teachers and $2 million for fire safety grants.

Romney also vetoed a section of the bill allowing students to opt out of dissecting animals in biology classes, but let stand another section requiring the state to spend federal abstinence education dollars in the classroom rather than on television advertising.

In addition to $439 million in spending, the budget included $150 million in school building assistance funds and $137 million for the state's rainy day fund. The money for the so-called supplemental budget came from surpluses from the fiscal year that ended June 30.

Other items approved by Romney include:

$75 million in additional local aid to cities and towns;

$34 million for parks and beaches;

$21.6 million for a new funding formula for charter schools;

$16.7 million for a $7.50 per hour pay hike for private lawyers who defend the poor.

Romney vetoed many smaller projects. In some cases, Romney said his office was unable to get sufficient information in time to make a decision.

''You would think that with matters of this scale at hand, there would be a line outside our door weeks before this legislation reached our desk with people explaining the project,'' Romney said ''But we literally sit down with a bill saying 'does anyone know what this is?'''

Some Democratic lawmakers bristled at the charge, saying they have had difficulty reaching decision-makers in the administration.

''It's a little difficult to respond to the governor's criticism when he doesn't even open his press conference to members,'' said Rep. Lida Harkins, D-Needham.

House Ways and Means Chairman John Rogers, D-Norwood, criticized Romney's decision to cut $15 million in additional Medicaid spending. Romney said the extra spending was not needed given current caseload projections, but Rogers said the cut will put an extra burden on the state's fiscally-strapped hospitals.

Rogers also criticized the cut in money for retroactive raises for state college and university workers.

''It's a bill that has to be paid. It's an outstanding obligation of the commonwealth,'' Rogers said.

Rogers said Romney put too little into the state's rainy day fund.

Lawmakers appropriated about $350 million in spending and funneled about $336 million into the state's savings account, according to Rogers. Romney said lawmakers sent him $515 million in spending, from which he cut $76 million. Romney said he funneled $135 into the rainy day account.
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