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Two officers were hurt and a third fired shots in a confrontation at the Winter Hill Yacht Club in Somerville.

SOMERVILLE (WBZ) ― What started as a routine police call Friday morning quickly spiraled out of control. Two Somerville police officers were injured and a third fired shots.

It happened in the parking lot of the Winter Hill Yacht Club. A member of the club called police after seeing an unfamiliar car pull between two boats.

"We get a lot of kids down here. They get into the boats and do a little damage. So I called police," Ray Snow said.

When police arrived, they found the gray Chevy Malibu that Snow reported. Four people from inside the car were located at a nearby bike path.

Snow told WBZ that he watched as a couple of police cruisers accompanied the four people from the path back toward their car. When police tried to search the vehicle, one of the suspects sped away.

"All of a sudden there was a cloud of dust," Snow said. "The vehicle sped away. A couple officers got hurt out here, thrown across the parking lot."

Neither of the officers struck by the car was seriously hurt. A third officer fired shots, according to Deputy Somerville Police Chief Paul Upton.

The other three people from the car remained with police. They were not arrested.

Somerville police say they know who they are looking for, but did not release his name. When they capture him, police say he will likely be charged with assault and battery.
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