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Shot hunter gets bullet

An Italian council worker is getting the bullet from his bosses - after he
was shot on a hunting trip when he should have been working.

Adriano Germano, 56, an engineer, turned up to work and told bosses he
was going out on an all-day job to help fix some water pipes.

But he sneaked off after clocking in to go hunting in nearby forests with
some pals - and ended up in hospital for 20 days when a pal accidentally
blasted him with a shotgun.

Suspicious bosses in Mallare, northern Italy, called in police when they
heard about the injury and discovered what had happened.

Now he's facing jail on charges of defrauding the state.

A police spokesman said: "The man had tried to claim that his injuries were
a result of him doing his job.

"But he was a bit stuck to come up with an explanation as to how he had
been peppered with shot from a hunting gun while working on pipes."
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