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Sheriffs to write citations?

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I was in Middlesex Superior court last week.
Being a professional observer, I noticed a big box of CMVI's that were just delivered to the court house....hmmmm.

I ask around and find out the good sheriff is going to start training a select group of his the fine art of stopping cars.

Any Middlesex sheriffs on this board care to elaborate?

At one time...early in my career, I was all for the more the merrier point of view. Now I know about all the b.s. that goes on.

I can see the station commander running 5-6 cars short, not filling the cruisers with overtime slots for minimum manning, and getting rid of sector cars since they're no longer needed because the sheriffs have cruisers patrolling...because the sheriffs are out there if we need them etc.

I can see it now. I see them jumping on calls.... I see the car chases....I see the manpower of the cities and towns dwindling away.....

I see Middlesex, then Suffolk, then Essex...where does it end?

Tell me it isn't so.

{No disrespect meant to any deputies. Their boss....well...}
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JoninNH @ Thu 16 Sep said:
Oh, by-the-way, Conneticut no longer has sheriffs or sheriffs departments... wonder why. :shock:
Because Connecticut figured out what Massachusetts hasn't been able to. :shock:

They did this years ago and the State didn't crumble apart. In fact, you talk to CTSP & locals (even some locals here and they overwhelmingly say it was a great move and long overdue.
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