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MILWAUKIE, Ore. - Friday's intense heat brought out the giving side of a Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy when he was called to the home of an elderly woman who was suffering with no air conditioning.

Deputy Brad O'Neil said the woman's Milwaukie home was pretty much the same temperature inside as it was outside and he concluded she wouldn't be able to survive in the home for too long.
He tried contacting social agencies but was unable to find anyone to help, so he ran to the store and used his own money to buy the woman an air conditioner.
"If it were my grandmother or a member of my family that was found in this way, I would hope that other people would not just walk away," he said.
The fire department arrived to check on the woman as well and helped get the air conditioner running so it could cool off the home.
Police will be checking on the woman throughout the weekend.

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