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Sex offender sues over airport detention

An Indian man who admitted sexually assaulting a sleeping woman is suing
after he was detained at a London airport due to his criminal record.

Prashant Modi, the son of a millionaire oil tycoon, is suing the British
Border Agency for "trauma" related to his nearly 14-hour detention at
Heathrow Airport, The Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Modi said his business and personal interests were damaged when he was
detained for 13 hours and 45 minutes upon his arrival in Britain. He
eventually decided to go home rather than continue to wait for clearance
to enter the country.

Modi was sentenced to a six-month suspended jail sentence and ordered
to write a letter of apology to his 22-year-old victim after he admitted to
sexually assaulting her in his London hotel room in August 2006. He said he
has traveled to Britain nine times since his conviction but the incident was
the first time he was detained.
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