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Video: Police Say Sex Offender Has No Special Supervision

Sex Offender Living In Concord Garage Worried He'll Re-Offend

Homeless Shelters Won't Take In Sex Offenders

CONCORD, N.H. -- A sex offender listed on the state's registry as living in a Concord parking garage near a school is sparking public concern, and even he says he's worried he will re-offend.
Jonathan Perfetto was released from prison a few days ago. He said he has been sleeping in a parking garage, which police say is a violation but not enough of a violation to make an arrest.
Homeless shelters in New Hampshire won't accept sex offenders, but that's not Perfetto's biggest concern. He said that he's worried he will offend again.
"I molested two girls when I was a kid and a relative and a couple of boys I baby-sitted for," he said.

Perfetto never served time for those incidents. He said his victims were too young to come forward. He was sent to the state prison in Berlin, N.H., on 60 counts of possession of child pornography, and he never completed a sex offender rehabilitation program.

"I was violating the rules and I wasn't facing my issues, so I was kicked out," he said.

"He's concerned he's going to re-offend, and we're concerned he's going to re-offend," Concord Chief Robert Barry said.

Barry said he has alerted the city's school department and the public library, where Perfetto spends his days. But Barry said the problem is that other than registering with police, Perfetto is under no supervision.

"There's no strings attached to him upon his release because he maxed out from prison, so he's not on parole or probation," Barry said. "He's free and clear."

Perfetto said he knows what to do to stay out of trouble.

"I've got to stay away from pornography and children," he said.

But he's worried that something might happen.

"Things can turn around," he said. "I'm on my meds. If I stay on them, I'm OK. However, my meds are $400 a month."

Perfetto said he's terrified of re-offending. He said he and his mother plan to introduce a bill that would require sex offenders released from prison to wear electronic monitoring bracelets.

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I cant help but think about the Lt from the NYPD that dedicated his life to upholding the law and helping others and after he was bashed in the media and thought he made a bad decision he tragically took his own life..and this guy who clearly is a candidate for Kevorkian to pay a visit to could do the only honorable thing left....WTF

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My immediate thought after seeing this guy on the news last night was "why not just jump off of a bridge and do the world a favor." After I thought I was a bit harsh but I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

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Sex Offender Moves From Concord Garage To Manchester House

Police Say Man Has Five Days To Register

Video: Offender Will Need To Register With Police

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- A sex offender who said that he was worried he would re-offend and who had been living in a Concord parking garage has now moved to Manchester.

Jonathan Perfetto said he is now living in a rooming house about a few blocks away from a city high school. He hasn't registered with Manchester police yet, but police said that when he does, his address will be public.

Less than a day after News 9 spoke with Perfetto in the garage where he had been living, a concerned citizen offered him a place to stay in Manchester, Concord police said.
"Everybody is going to be safe," Perfetto said. "I'm not going to do anything, and that's that."

Perfetto served more than seven years in prison for 60 counts of child pornography. He said that he also sexually assaulted young women and girls years ago, but he was not charged in connection with those incidents.

Perfetto said that if he lapsed off his medication, he would be concerned that he would re-offend, but he doesn't want to.

"Let's just say (I) was destroyed about what happened," Perfetto said. "I know personally, because I was molested as a kid, and so I know how it is. I ain't going to do it."

Perfetto is now living in the Bridge Street area, the same area where convicted child killer Raymond Guay moved in September before he was moved out of state.

"I am concerned about that location because it's in close proximity to schools and children," Mayor Frank Guinta said.

Central High School is a few of blocks away, but Perfetto said he avoids the students.

"I go away," he said. "I walk the other way."

Legally, the city cannot force sex offenders to move, but police can gather details and watch him closely.

"Exactly where he's living, vehicle information, where he may be going to college or school, his employment," Detective Victoria Catano said.

Perfertto said that's all information he'll willingly give up.

"Yeah, of course," he said. "You gotta do what you gotta do."

Perfetto has five days to register with Manchester police. He then has to reregister two times every year and let police know if he gets a job. His information will be listed in the state sex offender registry.
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