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Group Was Gathered Underneath Tree At Soccer Game

BOSTON -- Two people were in critical condition and another five were hospitalized following a lightning strike in Dorchester around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday.

According to Boston Police, the group was standing underneath a tree in the area of 70 Talbot Ave. watching a soccer game when the lightning hit. At least one victim suffered symptoms of cardiac arrest at the scene.

It is unclear whether the lightning struck the tree or the area around it. The game had reportedly been called off due to the weather and the teams were walking off the field when the incident occurred.
The roof of a nearby home on Johnston Road was also damaged in the storm. Boston Fire Department officials said that five adults and eight children were displaced after damage left the home uninhabitable.

Firefighters were responding to multiple reports of basement and road flooding throughout the area. NSTAR reported that 5,000 customers scattered throughout Boston were without power.
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