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Service agent on Obama detail commits suicide after probe into alleged affair, sources say

By Jana Winter
Published November 02, 2012
The Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the president's Secret Service detail believed to be involved in a long-term affair with a Mexican woman committed suicide a day after failing a national security polygraph and being stripped of his clearances and access, according to sources.
Rafael Prieto, a supervisor on President Obama's Secret Service detail, was found dead last weekend in the passenger side seat of his roommate's car in the garage of their Washington D.C. residence, clutching a photograph of his two children, multiple sources told The suicide came a day after a Do Not Admit email sent agency-wide for Prieto was sent by the Security Clearance Division.

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Who didn't fucking see THAT coming? Not excusing his behavior, but way to just Scarlet Letter the guy and let him flap in the breeze.
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