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Photo by Ford
A 2008 Ford Mustang, similar to one police say was stolen by Charles Ouimet.

Cops say he's eluded them on wild car chases throughout the North Shore, but this serial speed demon got way too cocky when he called Peabody police to brag, "You'll never catch me," according to authorities.
Just two days after he allegedly taunted the cops, the joke was on Charles Ouimet, 25, who was caught by the State Police Fugitive Apprehension Section and arraigned yesterday in Salem District Court on outstanding charges of threats and conspiracy, stemming from a separate incident. He also faces charges of stealing from an elderly person in Ipswich, car theft in Lowell, as well as driving with a revoked license and giving a false name to Peabody cops. Authorities expect more charges to follow. He was held on $20,000 cash bail.
State Trooper Jodi Gerardi was patrolling Route 1 in Saugus on Wednesday when she spotted a stolen silver 2008 Mustang weaving in and out of lanes, according to state police spokesman David Procopio. The driver refused to stop for police and instead sped up to 100 mph, exiting at Lynn and cutting thorugh a grassy median strip to enter a rotary toward Peabody. Fearing for the public's safety, she cut off pursuit.
Cops say the driver was back to roadway terror the next day, eluding police on a chase through Peabody and Danvers. That night, Ouimet allegedly called Peabody cops, identified himself and bragged about his exploits.
Ouimet's voluminous driving record features a whopping 63 criminal and civil infractions stemming from 29 incidents since 2002. Those exploits include stealing a car and speeding off in Lynn and Gloucester, refusing to obey cops in Topsfield and Manchester, driving without a license in Peabody, attaching improper plates in Danvers and Salem, and moped violations in Beverly.
On his page, Ouimet aptly described his mood on Friday as "crazy."
When state troopers caught him at a relative's home in Lynn Friday night, Ouimet allegedly stated he "would be happy to give police officers driving lessons," cops said.

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I read the comments over there...everyone whining about judges, why the guy wasn't "locked up", et cetera...

Here's why: because that is what the people voted for. Note to the lemmings: if you want to know why crime is rampant and it's the same scumbags committing the crimes, merely look in the mirror. You may not have wanted it, but you voted for it...have a ball.

Willfully ignorant = stoopid. :baby21:

Fear not, American Idol or Dancing with the Stars will be on TV to take your mind off the unpleasant things in life.
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