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Serbia to import 250,000 brides

Government officials are importing 250,000 brides for frustrated lovelorn
bachelors in Serbia.

Social services chiefs are already in talks with neighbours like the Ukraine,
Moldova and Russia and with Far Eastern countries like Vietnam, Burma
and Cambodia.

Zeljko Vasiljevic, secretary of state for social policy, said: "There are
250,000 unmarried young men in Serbian villages who would like to get
married but have no women to marry.

"I've already had some talks with the Ukrainian embassy and we realised
that there are areas in Ukraine with many more women than men and that
presents opportunities for both sides.

"This will help us to get life back in remote and dying Serbian villages."

But the prize brides for the frustrated bachelors could come from further
afield, explained the minister.

"There is a lot of potential in brides from Cambodia, Laos, Burma and
Vietnam. Girls from those countries have a tradition of bearing children.

"And those girls are also good at agricultural work," he added.
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